2013 Self-Study Materials

Study guides highlight a Pathwork concept, using Pathwork lectures as well as other resources.

A new study guide is created each month, divided into 4 weekly portions to highlight different aspects of the concepts.

These weekly sections are available as weekly email notices, which can be used as a starting point for self-study, discussion, and process. The notices also contain information about joining the free weekly online meetings.

2013 Newsletters

January: Video and Class Updates

March: Open Study Group

April: Open Groups, On the Road

July: Developing Awareness and Understanding

August: Self-Confidence PL77

During the weekly teleconferences, brief notes are taken by hand. These are scanned and emailed to participants along with references or additional materials mentioned during the meeting.

    These notes were expanded (and typewritten) into a form of 'minutes' for February through July 2013, and are offered below to give you an idea of what we do and how we do it.  

PL 39 Finding Images  The concept of Images is key to understanding distorted perceptions. Masks are the simplest form of an image.  A phony smile, saying yes when we want to say no, dressing to impress -- we compromise who we really are in order to be accepted, appreciated, loved.  Images are generalizations, masks formed in childhood to serve as warning signs, to keep us from feeling emotional pain. 


Finding Images PL 39

The Idealized Self-Image PL 83

Links on 2009 page to 

audio recording on PL 83:

The Idealized Self Image.

PL 43: Three Basic Personality Types:
 Reason, Will and Emotion.  

Reason Will and Emotion PL43 - 2013

Minutes from May meetings PL 43

Links on 2009 page to audio presentation and additional materials.

PL 52: The God Imaged and PL 46: Authority  Our attitudes towards Authority are based upon our relationships with our parents, and later the image that we form of God.

The God Image PL52 / Authority PL46

Links on 2008 page to audio presentation, YouTube video, and additional materials.

PL 77: Self-Confidence: Its True Origin and What Prohibits It   Focuses upon defense mechanisms known as 'Forcing Currents' and the distortions of submission, aggression, and withdrawal.

Self Confidence PL77 2013

PL 132 The Function of the Ego   

Function of the Ego PL132 - 2013

Minutes from March meetings PL132

Links on 2009 page to audio presentation, YouTube video, and additional materials.

PL 143 Unity and Duality

Unity & Duality PL143 - 2013

Minutes from February meetings PL143

Links on 2009 page to audio presentation, YouTube video, and additional materials.

PL 168: Two Ways of Living; Away from and Towards Center

Two Basic Ways of Life PL168 Study Guide

Minutes from April meetings PL168

PL 180 The Spiritual Significance of Relationship 

The intensity and pleasure of Relationship is directly proportional to our willingness to learn what it has to teach us.  

The Spiritual Meaning of Human Relationship PL 180

Links on 2009 page to audio presentation, YouTube video, and additional materials.

PL 182: The Process of Meditation 

Also known as 'Meditation for Three Voices/Chairs' 

The Process of Mediation PL182 - 2013

Minutes from July 2013 meetings PL182

Links on 2009 to audio presentation, YouTube video, and additional materials.

PL 249 & 171: The Pain of Injustice / Spiritual Law 

Handouts: Injustice & Spiritual Law PL249&171 - 2013

Minutes from 4 meetings:  June 2013 Meetings PL249&171

Audio file 249-TC-Injustice-2013.mp3 

Links on 2008 and 2009 pages page to audio presentation and additional materials.

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