2014 Self-Study Materials

Kings Canyon NT AU

April 2014 Interview with Jan on Surface Planet Radio WGDR and WGDH, Goddard College Community Radio in Vermont. 55 mins each:

Part 1: Introducing Pathwork

Part 2 Lecture Suggestions

December 2014 Interview with Jan on WGBR. Dualistic Thinking, Emotion Reactions vs. Feelings, Images. 1 hr 55 mins:


The Path to the Real Self (PRS)

Chapters from Eva Pierrakos' book The Path to the Real Self (PRS) were featured during 2014 along with supporting lectures, additional materials, and links to online short films and clips that illustrate Pathwork Principles.

  The PRS was written in 1965 and gives an overview of the concepts covered in the first 140 lectures. Eva's 5-year preparation for becoming the medium for the anonymous entity known as the Guide is described in the Preface (download below).

January Newsletter

-- Preface to The Path to the Real Self  Preface

February Newsletter PRS2

-- Study Guide: The Structure of the Human Personality

March Newsletter PRS4

-- Study Guide: Initial Steps for Self-Search

-- Interactive exercise: see  POV drawings from Participants!

April Newsletter PRS7

-- Study Guide: Cosmic Principles Manifest in Soul Currents

-- What is your image of who you are -- or who you aspire to be? Download IMAGE TEALIGHTS and select a light....

May Newsletter PRS10 / PL118

-- Study Guide: Parents and Images PRS 10 PL118

--  See 2008 Page for audio presentation, video link, and additional materials

June Newsletter PRS15 / PL 92

-- Study Guide: Real and False Conscience, Real and False Guilt

July Newsletter PRS19 /  PL 101

-- Study Guide: The Defense

--  See 2008 Page for audio presentation and additional materials

August Newsletter PRS20 / PL60

-- Study Guide: The Abyss of Illusion

September Newsletter PRS21 / PL50

-- Study Guide: Benign and Vicious Circles

-- Part 2: The Spiral of Spiritual Development by Dottie Titus

October Newsletter PRS23 /  PL192

-- Study Guide: Repressed Needs, Real and False Needs

November Newsletter PRS25

-- Study Guide: Duality Through Illusion

December Newsletter PRS28 / PL112

-- Study Guide: Man's Relationship to Time

Individual Work With the Concepts 

     Individual sessions with a Pathwork Helper are unique to both Helper and Client. Sometimes, just a few sessions can help 'untangle' our positive intentions where they have become snarled or distorted by unconscious negativity, repressed needs, or false beliefs. I take notes and sometimes make suggestions for further study; these are scanned and emailed afterwards.  I use zoom.us teleconference software, which clients can access online or by phone.  At the client's discretion. the software permits both audio and video recordings which they can download onto their own computers to review later.

     In June 2014 I offered introductory sessions to several contacts who have studied the Pathwork lectures for several years on their own. In exchange, they agreed to allow the sessions to be recorded. After the volunteer reviewed them and gave permission, these sessions were uploaded on YouTube, starting with this Introduction:


    The purpose is to demonstrate how basic Pathwork concepts (such as the three listed below) might be applied to individual circumstances. Recordings may be removed at any time, at the discretion of the volunteer. 

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