2015 Self-Study Materials

Self-study materials for each Teleconference are available for download in Adobe PDF format below. These include quotes from the lectures, worksheets, and suggestions for further study.

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The current format of the free online meetings focuses on discussion and sharing, instead of being presentations on the topic. At the end of each month, I will be highlighting aspects of the monthly study guide that seemed to attract the most interest. These monthly summaries began in December, with PL 254 on Surrender. Watch this 7 minute video (or click this link).

The Path to the Real Self (PRS)

Chapters from Eva Pierrakos' book The Path to the Real Self (PRS) were featured during 2015 along with supporting lectures, additional materials, and links to online short films and clips that illustrate Pathwork Principles.

The PRS was written in 1965 and gives a holistic perspective of key concepts from the first 140 lectures. Eva's 5-year preparation for becoming the medium for the anonymous entity known as the Guide is described in her Preface. Download in .pdf format here:

Preface to The Path to the Real Self  by Eva Pierrakos

January 2015 Newsletter PRS5

-- Study Guide: Constructive Attitudes in Self-Confrontation

-- Full Text: Chapter 5 of the PRS

February Newsletter PRS8 / PL124

-- Study Guide The Language of the Unconscious

March Newsletter PRS9 / PL97

-- Study Guide Perfectionism

April Newsletter PRS27 / PL98

-- Study Guide Dreams and Day Dreams

May Newsletter PRS11

-- Study Guide  Mass Images

June Newsletter PRS14 / PL84

-- Study Guide Love, Power and Serenity as Divine Attributes and as Distortions

-- Scenes from a film as illustration of the concepts: 11 minute collage  https://youtu.be/S8CAo5k7sOk

--  See 2009 Page for video and audio links plus additional materials

July Newsletter PRS18 / PL240

-- Study Guide  Some Aspects of Love 

August Newsletter PRS17 / PL 44

-- Study Guide  Forces of Love, Eros and Sex

--  See 2009 Page for video and audio links plus additional materials

September Newsletter PRS24 / PL189

-- Study Guide  Identification With Self

October Newsletter PL221 

-- Study Guide  Faith and Doubt

November Newsletter PL 212

-- Study Guide  Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness

December Newsletter PL254

-- Study Guide  Surrender

-- New! Video Summaries each month. December Video 6 mins


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