2016 Self-Study Materials

Each month, a study guide for a Pathwork Lecture or concept is prepared that includes worksheets, charts, and additional Pathwork resources. There is no charge to download.

Study guides are divided into 4 weekly self-study portions, emphasizing different aspects of the main concept.

Monthly newsletters include highlights from each of the 4 weekly portions, along with links to articles and videos to illustrate the concepts. Weekly Self-Study notices include 1 of the 4 study guide sections, plus access codes for free online meetings.

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2016 Monthly Newsletters and Study Guides:

Jan creates a 5-10 minute video presentation at the end of each month, based upon discussions and questions from the online meetings.

YouTube Playlist for 2016: https://youtu.be/fRu4ZnGbuSA

Sample of 2016 materials:

June Newsletter PL71 Part 1-

- Study Guide: Reality and Illusion Part 1-

- YouTube Video Presentation 18 mins (or click below)

January Newsletter PL108

-- Study Guide: Fundamental Guilt for Not Loving

-- YouTube Video Summary 8 mins

February Newsletter PRS26 / PL119

-- Study Guide: Movement, Consciousness, Experience

-- YouTube Video Summary 9 mins

March Newsletter PL216

-- Study Guide: Connection Between the Incarnatory Process and the Life Task

-- YouTube Video Summary 10 mins

-- 2011 Podcast Presentation on PL216

April Newsletter PL30

-- Study Guide: Self-Will, Pride, and Fear

-- YouTube Video Summary 7 mins

May Newsletter PL36
-- Study Guide: Prayer as Meditation
-- YouTube Video Summary 7 mins

-- YouTube Video Presentation 18 mins
-- YouTube Video Presentation 12 mins

-- See 2009 Page for link to audio files and additional materials

-- YouTube Video Summary 4 mins

September Newsletter PL176

-- Study Guide: The Overcoming of Negativity

-- YouTube Video Summary 7 mins

October Newsletter PL77

-- Study Guide: Self-Confidence + Forcing Currents

-- YouTube Video Summary 17 mins

-- See 2013 Page for additional materials

November Newsletter PL152

-- Study Guide: Connection Between Ego and Universal Power

-- YouTube Video Summary  6 mins

December Newsletter PL257

- Study Guide: Aspects of the Divine Influx; Communication, Group Consciousness, Exposure, Law of Brotherhood

-- YouTube Video Summary 6 mins

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