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Each month, a study guide for a Pathwork Lecture or concept is prepared that includes worksheets, charts, and additional Pathwork resources. There is no charge to download.

Study guides are divided into 4 weekly self-study portions, emphasizing different aspects of the main concept.

Monthly newsletters include highlights from each of the 4 weekly portions, along with links to articles and videos to illustrate the concepts.

Weekly Self-Study notices include 1 of the 4 study guide sections, plus access codes for free online meetings.

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2017 Monthly Newsletters and Study Guides:

January Newsletter PL198
-- YouTube Video Summary 6 mins

February Newsletter PL236

-- Study Guide: The Superstition of Pessimism

-- YouTube Video Summary 6 mins

March Newsletter PL203

-- Study Guide: Aspects of the Divine Spark

-- YouTube Video Summary 12 mins

April Newsletter PL 81

-- Study Guide: Conflicts in the World Duality

-- YouTube Video Presentation 1 hr 3 mins

-- Presentation Notes PL 81

May Newsletter PL 241

-- Study Guide: Dynamics of Resistance

-- YouTube Presentation 40 mins

June Newsletter PL 183

-- Study Guide: The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis

-- YouTube Presentation 31 mins

July Newsletter PL 64

-- Study Guide: Outer Will and Inner Will

-- YouTube Presentation 29 mins

August Newsletter PL 117

-- Study Guide: Shame as a Yardstick for Unresolved Problems plus

Seemingly Favorable Childhood Circumstances as Obstructive as Hurts

-- YouTube Presentation 21 mins

September Newsletter PL 5

-- Study Guide:  Freedom, Justice, Religion, Truth: 

                     Happiness as a Link in the Chain of Life 

-- YouTube Presentation 56 mins

October Newsletter PL 233

-- Study Guide: The Power of the Word

-- YouTube Presentation 31 mins

November Newsletter PL 155

-- Study Guide: Fear of Self: Giving and Receiving

-- YouTube Presentation 22 mins

December Newsletter PL 103

-- Study Guide: Constructive and Destructive Will Forces:

                                 Harm of Too Much Love Giving

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Free Online Weekly Meetings

Wednesdays and Saturdays

7:00-8:30 US EST

9:00-10:30 am EST Sundays added 2017

Anyone who receives a copy of the weekly self-study notice is welcome to listen in. In order to participate, you must have read the main lecture, the current weekly notice, or at least one segment of the full monthly study guide.

Meeting format is described in detail at www.pathworksteps.org.

You may join the meeting via the Internet, using a computer, mobile phone, or table. You may also call in. Local and international access lines are available.

Convert the US Eastern meeting times to your local time zone using www.thetimenow.com.

Jan creates a 5-10 minute video presentation at the end of each month, based upon discussions and questions from the online meetings. YouTube Playlist:

2016 https://youtu.be/fRu4ZnGbuSA

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