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2018 Monthly Newsletters and Study Guides:

January Newsletter: PL 153 Overview
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     -- YouTube Summary 19 mins

Man's battle is in the holding on to his ego faculties. This is because he desperately fears the involuntary processes. He fears everything about it, either consciously or unconsciously or both. Study guide explores 4 sub-topics of the lecture: Overexertion of ego creates unbalance, The role of Images in unhappiness, Involuntary Processes that you already trust, and Fear of success / Fear of the Abyss.

     -- Study Guide:  Finding Images - A Summary
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     -- YouTube Presentation 58 mins

On this path, we are concerned with seeking out the wrong images that the human soul harbors. Messages of the unconscious come forth through the major problems in life; through repetitive patterns; illness; any unfulfillment or lack. Once it is understood that these occurrences are a message that something is off within the psyche, that a distortion and misconception must somewhere exist, the first step towards elimination of the problem is taken. Yet they are not really hidden. It is merely a question of learning to focus attention on them.

The yescurrent is the expression of the supreme intelligence and creative universal force.  It is the life force, whose aspects were also discussed in a separate lecture in the past.  It is all that strives toward union, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, fruition.  It is truth and love in its substance and manifestation.  It is life embracing and accepting.  Its movements are smooth and harmonious ‑‑ to bring in still another of our past topics.  The nocurrent works and affects in the opposite manner, but not in the sense that it is evil. It consists rather of ignorance, blindness, distortion, lack of awareness of relevant factors ‑‑ relevant to the nocurrent in whatever way manifested.  Ignoring truth, it must be in fear and spread fear.  Hence, it is the opposite of love, of everything that leads toward union, fulfillment, fruition.  It is discord and spreads disharmony, isolation. 

Energy can be an impersonal force that does not seem to be, or contain, or be an expression of, consciousness. The separated, dualistic human state creates the illusion that energy and consciousness are two different manifestations.  The same split in perception exists about life and self; God and man; cause and effect ‑‑ and many other concepts or phenomena of life.  Both are one. Since thought is movement and energy, it is impossible to separate consciousness from energy in their essence, although in their manifestation there might be an apparent disconnection   

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