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Above: Summary of the March 2018 topic:

Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current PL 125

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Recent Monthly Newsletters and Study Guides:

May 2018:

PL 120 The Individual and Humanity
The more each one of you pursues this path in the manner you are doing, being forever more determined to overcome resistance to facing the truth in yourself, the more do you contribute to the whole of mankind's reaching this phase when problems can really be resolved by adequate means, not by temporary, shallow ones.
          It may be fruitful if you think of your personal problems and how they run parallel to world history, to the development of mankind as a whole.  If we receive such examples from some participants, this may prove of great value, my friends.
Additional worksheet: If Life Was a Game of Cards... 

YouTube Video Summary 20 mins

June 2018:

PL 93 Main Image, Repressed Needs

Reviews concepts on Images, Repressed Needs, and Defensive Systems. "Resistance to change is one of the greatest hurdles to be overcome.  It can be rationalized in many ways, but whatever is the conscious "reason" for such resistance, deep down you all battle against giving up the "glory" of your idealized self.  That, especially, you fear above and beyond anything else."

July 2018:

PL 94 The True Self vs. Superficial Personality Layers

          The real self is actually so much nearer to you than you realize. In fact, there are areas in your life where you do act out of your real self, but you do not know it because it is such a natural process. As yet, you cannot distinguish between this kind of action and the action coming forth from the superficial layers. 

July 2018 Newsletter PL 94 Overview 

August 2018:

PL 11 Self-Knowledge; Spiritual Guidance

          For happiness does not depend on outer circumstances or other people, no matter how convinced the spiritually immature person may be of this fallacy. The spiritually mature person knows that. He knows that he himself is solely responsible for his happiness or unhappiness. He knows that he himself is capable of creating a happy life, not only within himself first, but as an inevitable result of this, also without. 

July 2018 Newsletter PL 11 Overview (publishes July 31)

Study Guide Self-Knowledge; Spiritual Guidance


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