Introductory Topics for Self-Study

There is no requirement to study the lectures in chronological order. Many concepts that might have been seen as revelatory (or even revolutionary) in the '50s and '60s are more easily understood and accepted today. Allow the divine spark within you to lead you to the topic you are ready for!

List of Pathwork Lectures (2 page format)

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A list of lectures on key concepts

(and why Jan recommends them):

Introductory Lectures for Self-Study

Daily Review PL 28 Suggestions and Forms

January 2017 Suggestions for Self-Study Part 1: Getting Started

March 2017 Suggestions for Self Study Part 2: Reformatting

Above: clip from Jan's presentation on "The Observer Self"

Chapter 3 of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga

See Additional Concepts for more information

PST Bantam 1990

The most popular and widely-available book about Pathwork is The Pathwork of Self-Transformation, an overview of Pathwork concepts published by Bantam in 1990.

It is available from the Pathwork store at

Amazon sells used copies for 1 cent plus the cost of shipping.

Film Suggestions

Explore your understanding of the concepts!

Some films seem to be universally accepted for their vision, integrity, and message. Groundhog Day (1993), Defending Your Life (1991) and the original Matrix (2000) each illustrate profound abstract truths while entertaining us.

For those who have seen 'The Karate Kid', the phrase 'wax on, wax off' instantly communicates profound truths about the wisdom of gaining skills incrementally, a form of 'one step at a time', before learning to integrate them into a whole new stage of self-development.

Often a particular concept is best illustrated through one or two scenes ­­ or even a well­ done trailer. When these are available on YouTube, I include that link. Consider how you might visualize spiritual principles!

Pathwork Concepts - Film Suggestions 2017

Cosmic Principles PRS 07 Film Suggestions

Self-Search PRS 4 / PL 26 - Short Film Suggestions

Self-Confidence: Its True Origin and What Prohibits It PL77 Film Suggestions

Child Consciousness and Adult Ego PL182 Film Suggestions

Human perception and perspective: PL249 and PL171 Film Suggestions

Three Basic Personality Types: Reason, Will and Emotion PL 43 Film Suggestions

Unity and Duality PL 143 Film Suggestions

Incarnatory Processes & Life Tasks PL216 Film Suggestions

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