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The Observer Self

Chapter 3 of The Undefended Self (US3) by Susan Thesenga.

          The goal in developing an inner Observer Self is to awaken the inner teacher/healer who is ever-present and ready to guide us, using the tools of objectivity and detachment with love and compassion.

The ability to observe ourselves objectively and compassionately is the single most important skill to develop in walking the spiritual path. Distortion, false beliefs and negativity result in pain and disharmony.  

          If we blame ourselves, fear that we are inadequate, or label our imperfections as bad or evil we can lose the best witness we have -- our own inner knowing. 

          Feedback from others may contain distortions or feel threatening, causing us to hide behind our defenses instead of opening to the grain of truth in every human interaction. How can we discern the energy of the Observer Self as distinct from the Ego or other inner voices?


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Chapter 3 from The Undefended Self

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PRS 5 & AD6: Constructive Attitudes in Confrontation  

          Exploration of Chapter 5: Constructive Attitudes in Self-Confrontation from Eva's book The Path to the Real Self, and the Stage 2 Commitment Questions from Add'l Materials 6.

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TC: The Grain of Truth

The fear of criticism is an illusion you can only dispel when you expose yourself to it again and again deliberately—in your groups, for example. There is no other way to come out of anything unless you go into it. I have said that many times—that you open yourself up to the pain; that you experience the pain; that you then question yourself, “I want to be mainly committed to the truth. If what I hear has a GRAIN OF TRUTH, I want to see it. And if it is not true, I will feel that pain of the unjust criticism.”  Psychic Nuclear Points PL 214

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TC: Five Soul Movements - A Compilation 

           A discussion about Thoughts, Feelings, Eros, Dreams and Imagination. Such personal, subjective experiences may carry spiritual messages. By developing self-analysis skills, we can learn to trust our Inner Authority rather than being dependent upon Outer Authority. 

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TC: Helping Ourselves - A Compilation  

          Unconscious attitudes and patterns of behavior can control our lives unless we take charge by developing awareness and understanding of our emotional dynamics. 

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PC08 Cosmology of the Path

          PL 18-­22 are known as the 'creation' lectures. This summary was complied by Monica Rice Wendling and is catalogued as PC08 or Pathworker's contribution #8.

Cosmology of the Path PC08

Individual Work With the Concepts - 2014 Sample Videos

         Individual sessions with a Pathwork Helper are unique to both Helper and Client. Sometimes, just a few sessions can help 'untangle' our positive intentions where they have become snarled or distorted by unconscious negativity, repressed needs, or false beliefs. I take notes and sometimes make suggestions for further study; these are scanned and emailed afterwards.  I use teleconference software, which clients can access online or by phone.  At the client's discretion. the software permits both audio and video recordings which they can download onto their own computers to review later.

          In June 2014 I offered introductory sessions to several contacts who have studied the Pathwork lectures for several years on their own. In exchange, they agreed to allow the sessions to be recorded. After the volunteer reviewed them and gave permission, these sessions were uploaded on YouTube, starting with this Introduction: 

        The purpose was to demonstrate how basic Pathwork concepts (such as the three listed below) might be applied to individual circumstances. Recordings may be removed at any time, at the discretion of the volunteer. 

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