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Each month, a study guide for a Pathwork Lecture or concept is prepared 

that includes worksheets, charts, and additional Pathwork resources. 

Each study guide is divided into 4 sub-topics, emphasizing different aspects of the main concept. 

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2022 Monthly Newsletters

  • Note: workshops will replace the regular meetings when a 5th week is inserted. For example,  September 28, 30, Oct 2 is a 5th week of the topic cycle.                                                                                           See Online Meetings tab for more details. 
  • August 2022 PL 185  Factors that Prohibit Mutuality Part 2                                                                                          During August, there will not be a 5th week workshop. Instead,  there will be space for individuals to follow up on their personal journeys with Stages of Commitment AD6 (see June 2022, below) .
  • July 2022 PL 185  Mutuality, A Cosmic Principle and Law Part 1
  • June 2022  AD6 Stages of Commitment  Study guide can be found on the 'Additional Concepts' webpage (click the 'more' tab above). Shorter versions for quick reference also available.
  • May 2022  PL 129 Winner vs. Loser: Interplay between the self and creative forces Part 2
  • April 2022 PL 129 Winner vs. Loser Part 1. Workshops April 29 and May 1 will again explore the role that Personality Types of Reason, Will, and Emotion PLs 43 & 84 play.  See PL# page for YouTube video link of the 47 minute presentation plus pdf of slides.
  • March 2022 PL 161 Unconscious Negativity and how it Endangers Surrender of the Ego to Involuntary Processes.  Workshops Mar 25 & 27 will highlight 'Love is the Key' using concepts of the Personality Types of Reason, Will and Emotion PL 43
  • February 2022: PL 116 Reaching the Spiritual Center:  Struggle Between Lower Self and Superimposed Conscience  Workshops Feb 23, 25, 27 will expand on using PL 182: Meditation for Three Voices to explore our Superimposed Conscience, plus voices of our inner child, destructive aspects of child and adult ego, internalized parental / authority figures, and societal archetypes. 
  • January 2022: PL 32 Decision Making  

2022 Subscription Option: Quarterly Workshop Flyers

Workshops will be offered in lieu of the 5th week regular meetings 3-4x a year. 

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Above: Video Summary of the March 2018 topic:

Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current PL 125

Study Guides may be downloaded on the  PL# pages

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