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Above: Video Summary of the March 2018 topic:

Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current PL 125

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Each month, a study guide for a Pathwork Lecture or concept is prepared that includes worksheets, charts, and additional Pathwork resources. There is no charge to download. Each study guide is divided into 4 sub-topics, emphasizing different aspects of the main concept.

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Recent Monthly Newsletters

Full study guide for each topic

may be downloaded from the PL# pages

November 2019: PL 128 Fences Man Puts Up Through Limited Illusory Alternatives

October 2019: PL 174 Self Esteem

September 2019: PL 210 Visualization Process for Growing into the Unitive State

August 2019: Pl 245 Cause and Effect on Various Levels of Consciousness     YouTube Video Summary 58 mins

July 2019: PL 45 Conscious and Unconscious Desires

June 2019: PL 140 Negative Pleasure: Conflict as the Source of Pain

YouTube Video Summary 10 mins

May 2019: PL 202 Psychic Interaction of Negativity

                               YouTube Video Summary 38 mins

April 2019: PL 162 Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance

Week 1: Seeing Illusions from Different Angles  10 mins

Week 2: What You Think Exists   32 mins

Week 3: What Actually Exists   15 mins

March 2019: PL 199 The Meaning of the Ego and Its Transcendence

(commonly referred to as 'Ego Tricks') YouTube Presentation  26 mins

February 2019: PL 157 Emotional Dependency Hinders Possibilities

Plus YouTube Presentation   46 mins

January 2019: PL 143 Unity & Duality

Plus YouTube Presentation 40 mins

December 2018: PL 237 Leadership --
                                         Plus YouTube Presentation  52 mins

Plus YouTube Presentation  28 mins

but Spontaneous Soul Movement of the Inner Self 
Plus YouTube Presentation  13 mins

Full Study Guides may be downloaded on the  PL# pages

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Optional Weekly Self-Study notices include 1 complete section of the 4 study guide sub-topics, plus access codes for free online meetings. 

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Anyone who receives a copy of the weekly self-study notice is welcome to listen in. In order to participate, you must have read the main lecture, the current weekly notice, or at least one segment of the full monthly study guide.

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You may join the meeting via the Internet, using a computer, mobile phone, or table. You may also call in. Local and international access lines are available.

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Jan creates video presentations or summaries at the end of each month, based upon discussions, questions, and feedback from the participants of the 12-15 online meetings held during each month. YouTube Playlists:

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