Pathwork Lectures 50-99 Study Guides

Above: clip from Authority PL 46 / The God Image PL 52

PL 50 Vicious Circles

One of the most significant laws in the universe is the law of circular motion . Every movement, every energy current, follows this law. All created life is subject to this law.

When attitudes and direction deviate from reality and divine principle, vicious circles are the result. This vicious circle remains until a new energy current is created by consciousness ‐‐ a new impact which then forms a benign circle.

September 2014 Newsletter PRS21 / PL50

Study Guide: Benign and Vicious Circles

Part 2: The Spiral of Spiritual Development by Dottie Titus

PL 52: The God Image and PL 46: Authority

Our attitudes towards Authority are based upon our relationships with our parents, and later the image that we form of God.

2009 Study Guide The God Image PL52 / Authority PL46

YouTube Presentation 1 hr 30 mins

August 2013 Newsletter PL 52

2013 Study GuideThe God Image

PL 55 Three Cosmic Principles: Expansion, Restriction, Stasis

These three principles exist in the entire universe. They exist in nature. They govern and influence everything that has ever been created and ever will be created. There is no branch of human science where these principles cannot be found. And needless to say, they penetrate and form the human soul as well. In other words, they exist on all levels and all forms, from the subtlest to the coarsest. All three principles must work together harmoniously, must sustain, complement, and further one another if the person is harmonious.

YouTube Introduction to PL 55 12 mins

PL 57 Mass Images of Self-Importance

Mass Images can be more powerful than individual images. We may need a broader perspective than we have ever imagined. Or, we may have always suspected there were deeper truths but never verbalized our feelings.

May 2015 Newsletter PRS11 PL 57

Study Guide  Mass Images

YouTube Summary 13 mins

PL 60 The Abyss of Illusion

There are certain kinds of fear which cannot be gotten rid of, which cannot be discovered as unreal, unless the abyss is tested and one jumps right into the imaginary precipice.  Only then will it be discovered that there was never any dangerous cliff or abyss, no precipice or chasm, and instead of being crashed, one floats in ease. 

          This is the moment when the fear turns out to be imaginary.  Going through the act seems, at first, to require some courage.   

August 2014 Newsletter PRS20 / PL60

Study Guide: The Abyss of Illusion

PL 64 Outer Will and Inner Will

          You have all had the experience that you wish very much for something without achieving it.  This is due not only to unconscious contrary will‑currents that divide your will, but also to something that is vastly overlooked.  It is the fact that two different kinds of will exist: the inner will and the outer will.  A knowing of this difference will open further doors for your understanding of self, of others, and of the laws of the universe.   

July 2017 Newsletter PL 64

Study Guide: Outer Will and Inner Will

YouTube Presentation 29 mins

PL 71 Reality and Illusion

In the course of this work, you become aware of your emotions and their significance. Thus you find the unconscious, erroneous concepts that you have harbored so far. 

You then become aware of the unreality in which you have lived (emotionally), and thereby you approach reality.  This is, broadly speaking, the only possible way.  You cannot ever sense absolute reality by studying and reading, be it the greatest wisdom of the ages.  In that way, you would acquire only theoretical knowledge that has no real root in your inner world.

YouTube Video Presentation 18 mins
YouTube Video Presentation 12 mins

PL 72: Fear of Loving -- Three Aspects that Prevent Man from Loving 

          Explore the intricate push-pull of human nature, where you may resist opening to love. "Love is the one and only power. With it you are mighty, you are strong, you are safe. Without it you are poor, you are separate, you are in seclusion and in fear. But this knowledge cannot really help you unless and until you discover where, deep inside yourself, you cannot love; you do not want to love; and you do not know why this resistance to love exists."

Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 44 mins

 or 2 Short Samples

2009 Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


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PL 73: The Compulsion to Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts 

          Unresolved conflicts from our childhood compel us -- on a mostly unconscious level -- to find or create similar situations, in an attempt to resolve the pain that we experienced and the pain we saw inflicted on others. 

          In addition to our primary intimate relationships, we may also experience this 'compulsion to recreate' with friends, co-workers, and authority figures. 

Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 44 mins 

 or 2 Short Samples

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PL 77: Self-Confidence: Its True Origin and What Prohibits It 

          Focuses upon defense mechanisms known as 'Forcing Currents' and the distortions of submission, aggression, and withdrawal.

July 2013 Newsletter

Study Guide Self Confidence PL77 2013

October 2016 Newsletter

Study Guide Self Confidence PL77 2016

YouTube Summary 6 mins

PL 80 Cooperation, Communication, Union

          The highest, the most desirable state in the whole plan of evolution is union.  If man is overeager, overanxious, if his desire for communication is an exaggerated craving, these soul forces will automatically become harsh, pointed, and rigid.  Cooperation is simply a more superficial form of communication.     

January 2015 Newsletter PRS5 PL 80

Study Guide: Constructive Attitudes in Self-Confrontation

Full Text: Chapter 5 of the PRS

PL 81 Conflicts in the World of Duality

          The great opposites are life and death, happiness and unhappiness, love and selfishness, light and darkness. Your daily little fears, apprehensions, and anxieties all represent a form of personal death.  Then see how you really react to it. Learn to become aware of everything you cringe from.  Do not repress it. 

April 2017  Newsletter PL 81

Study Guide: Conflicts in the World of Duality

YouTube Video Presentation 1 hr 3 mins

April 2017 Presentation Notes PL 81

PL 83: The Idealized Self Image 

          The most important countermeasure man resorts to in the false belief that it will circumvent unhappiness, unpleasure, death, never realizing that this very countermeasure not only does not avoid, but brings on the very thing that is most dreaded and fought against. This common, universal pseudo-protection is the creation of the idealized self-image.

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See PL 39 Finding Images and PL 93 Main Image 
for additional information

PL 84: Love, Power and Serenity 

                    as Divine Attributes and as Distortions  

          How and why positive attributes become distorted. One of the many Pathwork Lectures on the personality types of Reason, Will and Emotion introduced in PL 43.

2009 Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 25 mins 

or 2 Short Samples (below)

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


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June 2015 Newsletter PRS14 / PL84

2015 Study Guide Love, Power and Serenity

Scenes from a film as illustration of the concepts: 11 minute collage

Above: clip from Love, Power, Serenity PL 84

PL 85 & 86: Self-Preservation and Procreation 

                               as Instincts in Conflict and in Distortion  

          These are my two favorite lectures.  They are relatively unknown, not easy to teach or set into charts.  Yet these were the keys that unlocked my understanding of Unity and Duality, the Idealized Self Image / Mask, Vicious Circles, Lower Self – just about every major Pathwork concept. 

          Robert Fulghum wrote this formula for self-growth based upon our instinctive verbal cues: 

Uh-huh + Oh-wow + Uh-oh + Oh, God = Ah-hah! 

          Everyone has had an Ah-hah! moment, when a major life component suddenly becomes clear. Ah-hah! moments = conscious awareness of cause and effect.

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide PDF

Listen to audio online:




PL 92 Real and False Conscience, Real and False Guilt

The more the pain of the unfulfilled legitimate need remains unexperienced, or only half experienced, unreal, false needs fill the personality which then will make demands on others. False needs, even if gratified here or there, leave you empty and dissatisfied.

June 2014  Newsletter PRS15 / PL 92

Study Guide: Real and False Conscience, Real and False Guilt

PL 93 Main Image, Repressed Needs

Reviews concepts on Images, Repressed Needs, and Defensive Systems. "Resistance to change is one of the greatest hurdles to be overcome.  It can be rationalized in many ways, but whatever is the conscious "reason" for such resistance, deep down you all battle against giving up the "glory" of your idealized self.  That, especially, you fear above and beyond anything else."

YouTube Video Summary 26 mins

PL 94 Real Self vs. Superficial Self 

          The real self is actually so much nearer to you than you realize. In fact, there are areas in your life where you do act out of your real self, but you do not know it because it is such a natural process. As yet, you cannot distinguish between this kind of action and the action coming forth from the superficial layers. 

July 2018 Newsletter PL 94 Overview

Study Guide Real Self vs. Superficial Self 

YouTube Introduction to PL 94   20 mins

PL 97 Perfectionism

          Perfectionism is a rigid, static, unrealistic picture of life, of others, of self. The stronger perfectionism, the harder the brunt of self‑condemnation.                   Perfectionism denies the temporary reality of imperfection in a most unhealthy way.

March 2015 Newsletter PRS9 / PL97

Study Guide Perfectionism

PL 98 Wishful Day Dreams

          Every dream contains a message of the unconscious and indicates that something is going on in it that the conscious mind should know about. Every personal emotion, reaction, feeling, is represented in dreams in picture language. Hence, a series of dream events, containing a great many details and happenings, when summed up, can be expressed in a couple of sentences. 

April 2015 Newsletter PRS27 / PL98

Study Guide Dreams and Day Dreams

YouTube Presentation PL 98  29 mins

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