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Additional Pathwork Concepts

Above: clip from Jan Rigsby's presentation on The Observer Self

The Observer Self

Chapter 3 of The Undefended Self (US3) by Susan Thesenga.

          The goal in developing an inner Observer Self is to awaken the inner teacher/healer who is ever-present and ready to guide us, using the tools of objectivity and detachment with love and compassion.

The ability to observe ourselves objectively and compassionately is the single most important skill to develop in walking the spiritual path. Distortion, false beliefs and negativity result in pain and disharmony.  

          If we blame ourselves, fear that we are inadequate, or label our imperfections as bad or evil we can lose the best witness we have -- our own inner knowing. 

          Feedback from others may contain distortions or feel threatening, causing us to hide behind our defenses instead of opening to the grain of truth in every human interaction. How can we discern the energy of the Observer Self as distinct from the Ego or other inner voices?


Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 4 mins  

or 2 Short Samples

Offered with the permission of the author:

Chapter 3 from The Undefended Self

US Format PDF            A4 Format PDF

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AD6 or AM06 / Additional Materials 6: Stages of Commitment
          The Stages of Commitment were created for the Phonecia Pathwork community in 1978 as guidelines for understanding different levels of personal and community responsibility for those who wanted to participate in programs, community leadership, and Helpership trainings.  There were also commitments for staff and volunteers to consider, as they would be interacting with community members. Today, these commitments are used to explore what it means to be someone committed to the principles and concepts of the lectures. 
Questions only, for handy reference: 2 page .pdf  or foldable booklet
Pathwork Steps Online Meeting: 1st Commitment Ceremony 7/29/22
During the following month, after studying PL 185 on Mutuality, 
5 community members decided to make personal commitments to stages 1, 2 and 3:
AD6-2022-07-29.m4a   1hr 28mins Audio, Stages 1-3
AD6-2022-07-29 Video, 1hr 22 mins Video, Stages 1-3
(was edited and re-recorded to mask the audience = only the facilitator on camera)
2nd Stages of Commitment Ceremony, 2 members taking stages 1 through 4:
AD6-2022-08-19 Video  :41mins  Video, Stages 1-4
3rd Stages of Commitment Ceremony, 3 members taking stages 1 through 3:
AD6-2022-08-21.m4a  :31 mins Audio , Stages 1-3

AD6 as part of PRS 5 / Path to the Real Self Chapter 5Constructive Attitudes in Confrontation  

          Exploration of Chapter 5: Constructive Attitudes in Self-Confrontation from Eva's book The Path to the Real Self, and the Stage 2 Commitment Questions from Add'l Materials 6.

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PC08 / Pathworkers Contribution 8: Cosmology of the Path

          PL 18-­22 are known as the 'creation' lectures. This summary was complied by Monica Rice Wendling:  Cosmology of the Path PC08  See Cosmology of the Path PL 216 (PL 200-258 page, under the 'more' tab above) for further exploration, including an 90 minute audio presentation.

PC10: The Spiritual Principles with which We Manage Ourselves to Create Heave on Earth

        The Pathwork purification process is the way we stay true to spiritual principles. From PL 171: Spiritual Law, like forces of nature (such as gravity), is impersonal, constant, and perfect - concepts that we do not associate with human relationships and life circumstances. We experience authority and justice through the lens of Human Law, which is seldom free of agenda, ideology, and distortion. This can encourage attitudes of rebellion and resentment, along with a fear of being judged. Also see The Pain of Injustice PL 249.

Spiritual Principles PC 10  Original 1978 Document 8 pages

Spiritual Principles PC10 Single Page Summary

Spiritual Laws mentioned in the PLs  9 pages / Anonymous

Teleconference Topic: The Grain of Truth

The fear of criticism is an illusion you can only dispel when you expose yourself to it again and again deliberately—in your groups, for example. There is no other way to come out of anything unless you go into it. I have said that many times—that you open yourself up to the pain; that you experience the pain; that you then question yourself, “I want to be mainly committed to the truth. If what I hear has a GRAIN OF TRUTH, I want to see it. And if it is not true, I will feel that pain of the unjust criticism.”  Psychic Nuclear Points PL 214

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YouTube Video 15 mins

Teleconference Topic:  Five Soul Movements - A Compilation 

           A discussion about Thoughts, Feelings, Eros, Dreams and Imagination. Such personal, subjective experiences may carry spiritual messages. By developing self-analysis skills, we can learn to trust our Inner Authority rather than being dependent upon Outer Authority. 

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Teleconference Topic:  Helping Ourselves - A Compilation  

          Unconscious attitudes and patterns of behavior can control our lives unless we take charge by developing awareness and understanding of our emotional dynamics. 

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