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Each month, a study guide for a Pathwork Lecture or concept is prepared 

that includes worksheets, charts, and additional Pathwork resources. 

Each study guide is divided into 4 sub-topics, emphasizing different aspects of the main concept. 

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2023 Monthly Newsletters

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2022 Monthly Newsletters

  • December 2022  PL 42 Objectivity and Subjectivity                                                                                      This lecture contains one of three Christmas messages given by the Guide; the 2 others are: Christmas Message + Message to the Children + Q&As  PL 219, and Christmas Lecture + Q&As PL 239. To be inclusive of a wide range of religious beliefs (which the Guide encouraged and supported) I do not include references to Christ or Christ consciousness in my study guides. Please download the lecture or listen to an audio version  of PL 042 on iTunes.
  • November 2022  PL 220 Awakening from Deliberate Anesthesia - Focusing on Inner Voices
  • October 2022 PL 137 Balancing Inner vs. Outer Control
  • September 2022  PL 49  Obstacles on the Path: Old Stuff, Wrong Guilt, and Who, Me? Includes Jan's story about how the past 4 monthly topics interrelate.                                            Sept 28, 29, Oct 2 is a 5th week workshop; no fee, open to all subscribers.
  • August 2022  PL 185  Factors that Prohibit Mutuality Part 2                                                                                          During August, Stages of Commitment ceremonies were held (see June 2022, below).  Participants agreed to allow video recordings, available on Jan's YouTube channel.
  • July 2022 PL  185  Mutuality, A Cosmic Principle and Law Part 1
  • June 2022  AD6 Stages of Commitment  Study guide can be found on the 'Additional Concepts' webpage (click the 'more' tab above). Shorter versions for quick reference also available.


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Above: Video Summary of the March 2018 topic:

Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current PL 125

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