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Pathwork Lectures 1-49 Study Guides

Self-study materials for each Teleconference are available for download in Adobe PDF format below. These include quotes from the lectures, worksheets, and suggestions for further study.

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Above: clip from Decisions and Tests PL 2

PL 2:Decisions and Tests

          If man goes through life avoiding certain decisions, it creates reactions and chain reactions. Not deciding is of greatest detriment.

2008 Presentation on YouTube1 hr 53 mins

or 3 Short Samples (click on 7 min clip below to play)

Download Study Guide plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide PDF

Explore: summary of PL 2 plus YouChoose your Destiny PL 3, excerpt from In Heaven as on Earth by M. Scott Peck, and a worksheet on taking Secret Holidays = living life differently for random period of time each day. 

Listen to audio online:



PL 5 Freedom, Justice, Religion, Truth: Happiness as a Link in the Chain of Life

September 2017 Newsletter PL 5

Study Guide: Freedom, Justice, Religion, Truth

Explore: What is Happiness?  What is Freedom? What is Justice? What is Truth? 

Appendix: Spiritual Principles condensed from PC10

YouTube Presentation 56 mins

PL 7 Decide! Asking for Help, Helping Others

September 2020 Newsletter PL 7

Study Guide: Decide! Asking for Help, Helping Others

Explore: Spiritually wrong attitudes;  Steps in Working Through Indecisiveness; Surround yourself with friends who strengthen you; Faith and Doubt; and Examples from the Q&A Section

PL 10 Male and Female Incarnations: Their Rhythms and Causes

        As God is perfect in His male and female principle, each in its own, each one operating in manner and function absolutely harmoniously, thus it is with all other beings.  Both principles are found in all manifestations of creation of infinite variety. Short talk on Reality as Reflected Image at the beginning.

April 2021 Newsletter PL 10

Study Guide Male and Female Incarnations: Their Rhythms and Causes

Explore: Earth as a Reflected Reality vs. Reality; Gender is Reflection of Spiritual Split; Human Misunderstandings about Spiritual Perfection; and Paradoxes in the Incarnatory Process

YouTube Summary PL 10  26 mins

PL 11 Self Knowledge; Inner Guidance

          Happiness is an inner attitude vs. begin based on outer circumstances. A pre-requisite of spiritual guidance is that you contribute the labor of being stringently honest in your work of self-knowledge. For you cannot overcome what you do not know.

August 2018 Newsletter PL 11

Explore:  Happiness Lies in Your Own Hands; You Cannot Overcome What You Do Not Know;   Labor of Stringent Honesty Necessary for Self-Knowledge; and Contact with the World of Spirit

YouTube Introduction to PL 11 17mins

PL 12  Order and Diversity in the World of Spirit + The Process of Reincarnation

          Most people harbor thoughts of anxiety and, if not thoughts of hate, then of mistrust and separation such as between one group and another.  And all of these violate the law of brotherhood.  Each thought of this kind, each emotion is a significant contribution to the outbreak of war. If only a small part of humankind sowed the seeds of peace, wars would not exist in spite of a few unscrupulous politicians. 

October 2023: Newsletter PL 12

Study Guide: Order and Diversity in the World of Spirit

Explore: Humans Experience Spirit as Paradoxical; Developing Spiritual Intelligence; Spheres in the World of Spirit; and The Preparation Process for Incarnation; and Connecting Heaven and Earth

Additional Materials plus Activities from previous Workshops:

Excerpt from In Heaven as On Earth: A Vision of the Afterlife by M. Scott Peck ©1996

From PRS7/PL 149 - What is your image of who you are -- or who you aspire to be?

 Download IMAGE TEALIGHTS and select a light....

From PRS4/PL 25 on Self-Search - Notice the variety of human expression

Interactive exercise: see 2014 POV drawings from Participants!  and contribute one of your own

And Life as a Card Game where Everything is Perfect 

(but you may only understand that once you've finished the game!)

PL 14 The Lower Self

          Please see Facing the Lower Self, PL 134, for a synthesis of many Pathwork lectures on the Lower Self, negativity, and and transformation. Includes quotes from Chapter 7 of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga.

PL 17 The Call

          A communication with divine spheres is possible; it has always existed, and it will always exist.  How frequent it is depends solely on man, whether he fulfills the necessary requirements --  such as the necessary strength and development to follow it.  But at one time, this call must come forth.

January 2021 Newsletter PL 17

Study Guide The Call

Explore: What does a Spiritual Calling feel like? What Follows the Call? Learning about Your Own Subconscious; and Asking for Help

Video Summary 33 mins

PL 18 Free Will

There cannot be beauty, harmony, wisdom, bliss, and love if it has to be experienced forcefully against the individual's will, against the individual's own recognition of the wisdom and perfection of the laws.  Then God would not be a God of freedom, but a God of slavery, even if His creatures could be happy in an enforced system. Thus each creature ‑‑ man or spirit ‑‑ has the possibility, by his own choosing, to live according to those laws or not. 

February 2023 Newsletter Outline

Study Guide for Free Will PL 18

Explore: Free Will is Essential to the Plan of Salvation;  Paradoxes and Responsibilities of Free Will; Will Direction and Will Power; and Discerning Inner Will

PL 25 Initial Steps for Self-Search & PL 26 Finding Your Faults

          Featuring Chapter 4 from The Path to the Real Self. The "inventory" … is a good beginning. It will make you aware of certain facets in your life and in yourself you may never have thought about before. It may also give you a view of what you might want to change in your life. This concise awareness is necessary.

March 2014 Newsletter PRS4 PL 25

Study Guide: Initial Steps for Self-Search

Explore: The Value of a Self-Inventory; Very Short Films to illustrate some of the concepts; Finding Your Faults PL26; An alternate approach: Life as a Card Game; Life as a Point of View: an arts & crafts project;

and Making a commitment to your spiritual journey: Stage One from AD6

Interactive exercise: see POV drawings from Participants!

VERY short film suggestions for PL 25 and 26 PRS 4

PL 28 Daily Review

          One of the best techniques for developing awareness: jot down up to 10 disharmonious moments per day. Review them at the end of the week. Notice common denominators. It's free, it's easy, and it works!  

Daily Review PL 28 Suggestions and Forms

PL 29 Finding God's Will: The Forces of Activity and Passivity

             When the active forces are used in the channels destined for the passive currents, there occurs a congestion, and the result is a frustration for the human being.  In addition, The inner will (or its lack) is often in conflict with the outer, or conscious, will.  To fulfill the will of God means overcoming your own inner resistances, and requires an active force.  And the first step is always your endeavors in self‑knowledge, self‑honesty, and your sincere good will.

March 2023 Newsletter Summary PL 29

Study Guide: Finding God's Will: The Forces of Activity and Passivity

Explore: Balancing the Active and Passive Forces; Divine Aspects of the Active and the Passive; Aligning with God’s Will requires the active forces; and Finding God’s Will 

Workshop Handouts: Finding God's Will / Finding Your God Images

PL 30 Self-Will, Pride, and Fear

          If you have one, you must have all of these attributes.  You may have one stronger than the other or more apparent or more conscious, but it is impossible that you have only two, let us say, and the third is entirely missing. And do not believe that there is a human being alive who is entirely free of self‑will, pride, and fear.   

April 2016 Newsletter PL30

Study Guide: Self-Will, Pride, and Fear

Explore: Self-Will, Pride, and Fear; How the Ego uses Pride, Self-Will and Fear as “Ego Tricks” PL 199 In Relationship with Evil; and Overcoming Fear of the Unknown 

YouTube Video Summary 7 mins

PL 31 & 66: Shame / Shame of the Higher Self 

          Shame is an intense emotion, easily activated by focusing upon both our distortions and our best higher self intentions (which may try to manifest before we are mature enough to understand them). Shame can be used by others -- and by ourselves -- to prevent our development and leave us emotionally and spiritually crippled. 

2008 Presentation on YouTube 1hr 20mins 

or 2 Short Samples

Download Study Guide plus MP3 files: 


Download Study Guide

Explore: summary of PL 31 and PL 61, also Spiritual and Emotional Health through Restitution for Real Guilt PL 109 plus worksheets.

Listen to audio online:


PL 32 Decision Making

        As long as you are living in this sphere of matter, every decision offers two and sometimes more alternatives.  With some decisions and in some cases, there are several wrong ways and one right way.  Only mature and responsible searching will eventually show you what the right way is.  However, in many instances, it actually does not matter on what way you decide, provided the decision has been made wholeheartedly, awarely, responsibly, not shirking any issues or possible results. 

        Even in the cases where one way would be right or better for you than the other alternatives, it is infinitely healthier for your soul, strange as this may appear at first, if you choose the wrong way but in the right attitude.

January 2022 Newsletter Summary

2022 Study Guide: Decision Making PL 32

Explore: Deciding to Believe that All Things Work Together for Good;  Self-Responsibility in Decision Making;  Facing the inability to love; Resentment, Shame and Guilt; Positive and Negative Elements of Ambition

Workshop Flyer PL 32 Featuring PL 182: Meditation for Three Voices

Powerpoint presentation introduction to PL 32 and PL 182

Video Presentation  48 mins plus Transcript

PL 34 The Process of Incarnating

          The technical procedure of birth is directly connected with and dependent on karmic and spiritual law. This was a 5th week 'extra' for  Male and Female Incarnations: Their Rhythms and Causes PL 10. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable about a belief in re-incarnation, consider reading the lecture as a description of the spiritual preparation for a single human lifetime

2021 Study Guide: Preparation for Reincarnation PL 34

Explore: Karmic and Spiritual Law; Connection Between the Incarnatory Process and the Life Task; The Spiritual Process of Human Birth; and A Continuously Evolving Plan

A bit of lightheartedness:  If Life was a Board Game

Also see Connection between Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task  PL 216 to explore The Roles of the Mind, Ego, and Real Self; Human Life Task; Incarnatory Process Begins with Death; and The Connection between Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task 

PL 36 Prayer and Meditation

          You know by now that all faults originally come from pride, self-will, and fear. But it is not sufficient that you know this principle. It is essential that you clearly see and feel how each and every one of your faults comes from one and all of these three basic faults. Find the common denominator.

          That is not so easy if it is to be emotionally understood. For that reason, you actually have to go through this cycle step by step, again and again; you have to follow it through until you are able to grasp it well enough that you can break the cycle at one point. 

May 2016 Newsletter PL36

Study Guide: Prayer as Meditation

Explore: The Spiral of Development; Active Meditation; Foreground and Background Thoughts; and Faith as Positive Creation 

YouTube Video Summary 7 mins

Transcript of Video Summary

PL 39 Finding Images  

          The concept of Images is key to understanding distorted perceptions. Masks are the simplest form of an image.  A phony smile, saying yes when we want to say no, dressing to impress -- we compromise who we really are in order to be accepted, appreciated, loved.  Images are generalizations, masks formed in childhood to serve as warning signs, to keep us from feeling emotional pain. 

Image of 2 people carrying Statues of themselves


2013 Finding Images PL 39

Podcast / Audio Only   Part 1    Part 2

Also see PL 83:  The Idealized Self Image.
Ref 2023 Workshop Handouts from PL 29:

Lectures on the Ego include:
132 The Function of the Ego in Relationship to the Real Self
152 Connection between Ego and Universal Power
158 The Ego’s Cooperation with or Obstruction to the Real Self
161 Unconscious Negativity Endangers Surrender of Ego to Involuntary Processes 199 The Meaning of the Ego and Its Transcendence
216 Connection between the Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task 

PL 40 Finding Images - A Summary       

          On this path, we are concerned with seeking out the wrong images that the human soul harbors. Messages of the unconscious come forth through the major problems in life; through repetitive patterns; illness; any unfulfillment or lack. 

          Once it is understood that these occurrences are a message that something is off within the psyche, that a distortion and misconception must somewhere exist, the first step towards elimination of the problem is taken. Yet they are not really hidden. It is merely a question of learning to focus attention on them.

Explore: What is an image?  Basic Misconceptions about Life;  Finding Images and Wrong Conclusions; and Bringing Unconscious Beliefs into Consciousness

PL 42: Objectivity and Subjectivity

Objectivity is another essential requisite for the free and harmonious human being.  The more un-purified and disharmonious you are, the more you will lack objectivity.  Objectivity means truth.

Subjectivity means colored truth or half‑truth at best, complete untruth in many cases.  Subjectivity means unconscious or non-deliberate untruth (contrary to a conscious lie).  All this is forthcoming from the emotional level of one's being.  By purifying the depths of your soul, you will first find where untruth exists within yourself.

December 2022 Newsletter PL 42 Overview

Study Guide: Objectivity and Subjectivity

Explore: Changing Perspective; Subjectivity results from Pride, Self-Will, and Fear; The Grain of Truth; Questions and Answers

The Grain of Truthfrom November 2020

PL 43: Three Personality Types: Reason, Will and Emotion  

          Understanding RWE types can help us identify misconceptions and confusions that can negatively affect interactions with others. Understanding Personality Types offers CLUES to:

•Your own personal misconceptions, since each person incarnates to resolve his/her own
 “personal brand of duality”.
•The whole structure of your personality.
•Your personal transformation process.
•Your divine essences.
•Main childhood pain and unmet need.
•Main source of happiness and unhappiness.
•Predominant forcing current and idealized self image.
•What you need to die into.
•Your divine task.

Download 2008 Study Guide plus MP3 files:


Download Study Guide

Listen to audio online:

043-TC-Reason, Will, Emotion Types Part 1.mp3

043-TC-Reason, Will, Emotion Types Part 2.mp3 

Apologies: sound quality of these recordings is poor 

(camera didn't work that day so there is no video)

Download  Transcript  of the 2008 audio recordings

Article written on RWE for the Wuhan University of Technology Social Sciences

Chinese Academic Journal by Jan Rigsby and David Schwerin 

2012 Essay on PL 43 

2013 Study Guide Reason Will and Emotion PL43 - 2013

Use the charts to make observations of yourself, family members, friends, and colleagues; Notice what traits, phrases, attitudes and aspirations you identify with; Notice any variations that occur in different social or professional situations. 

Then explore What are/were your family dynamics?

2013 Minutes from May meetings PL 43

January 2014 Newsletter

February 2014 Newsletter PRS2 PL 43

Study Guide: The Structure of the Human Personality

PL 44: The Forces of Love, Eros and Sex

           Three key aspects of relationship and spiritual development: Love, as a permanent state of the Soul; Eros, as one of the most potent forces in the universe; and Sex, as the creative force on all levels of existence.

Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 4 mins

 or 3 Short Samples (click on sample clip below)

Subtitles added August 2020. Download Transcript

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide

Explore: Love, Sex and Eros as A Holy Triad;  Eros as a Soul Movemen; Integrating Love and Sexuality; and Finding Your Unique Balance 

Listen to audio online:



August 2015 Newsletter PRS17 / PL 44

2015 Study Guide  Forces of Love, Eros and Sex

Video Introduction 2015 11 mins   Transcript

Above: clip from The Forces of Love, Eros, and Sex PL 44

PL 45: Conflict Between Conscious and Unconscious Desires   

          There is no other reason and no other purpose in life than development and purification.  You cannot purify unless you know yourself. And although self-knowledge is not always identical to purification, to a large extent you purify already by the mere fact that you recognize yourself fully and thoroughly.

            The ability to do so without resistance, without subterfuge, makes it essential and necessary to have humility, the humility to accept yourself as you are now.  To know yourself, my friends, to find the real you, the part of you that you have been unaware of so far, is always the aim and the question. 

July 2019 Newsletter: Outline of PL 45

Self Study Guide: Conflict Between Conscious and Unconscious Desires

Explore: Life is a manifestation of our own beliefs; The Power of Thoughts, Emotions, and Habits; Uncovering Unconscious Desires; and The Power of Mass Images 

PL 46: Authority 

          An invitation to examine your relationship to authority. Ask yourself: am I willing to honestly see the truth about my relationship to authority? If there is any hesitation in your response, do not suppress it. Allow it as part of the truth about yourself. Allow any resistance to contribute to your self-knowing.

Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 7 mins

 or 3 Short Samples

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide

Also see Worksheets on The God Image from PL 29 and PL 52

Listen to audio online:



PL 49:  Obstacles on the Path: Old Stuff, Wrong Guilt, and Who, Me?

               Self‑deception amounts to untruth, and untruth is hostile to the life force.  Suppression is always self‑deception, therefore the life force cannot regenerate you when such self‑deceptions or suppressions exist.   The life force wants to come into you, and out of you, for deep down in your soul, behind your soul exists the whole universe and therefore a fountain of life force. 

September 2022 Newsletter Summary of PL 49

Study Guide: Obstacles on the Path: Old Stuff, Wrong Guilt, and Who, Me?

Explore: Old Stuff and “Who, Me?”; Images Expressed as Emotional Reactions; Misconceptions about Evil and Guilt; and Emotional Maturity, Positive Thinking, Acceptance


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