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Pathwork Lecture Study Guides 150-199

Above: clip from "The Spiritual Meaning of Relationship" PL 180

PL 150 Self-Liking: Condition for Universal Bliss

   Man cannot be in the universal, general truth, the dynamic truth of life, unless he is in the truth of himself.  Not only in those truths he has already faced, but also with regard to those factors that are still difficult to look at.  As long as he refuses to face what seems most difficult, he is not in a truthful state.                                It is essential that man say to himself ‑‑ again and again and again ‑‑ "I want to look at everything, I want to see even that where I am most resistant."                  

November 2019 Newsletter PL 150

Study Guide: Self Liking: Condition for Universal Bliss  

Explore: What is the Truth about Myself?;  The Vicious Circle of Self-Doubt; Self-Liking Allows the Natural State of Bliss; and Transcending the Now
YouTube Video Summary  22 mins

Subtitles added June 2020  Download Transcript

PL 152 Connection Between Eg and Universal Power

          The meaningfulness and fulfillment of one's life depend, in the last analysis, entirely on the relationship between man's ego and the universal life principle ‑‑ the real self, as we also call it. If this relationship is balanced, everything falls into place. 

November 2016 Newsletter PL152

Study Guide: Connection Between Ego and Universal Power

Explore: The Universal Life Principle; Ego Intelligence vs. Universal Intelligence;  Universal Life Power = Spontaneity + Individualization; and Shame of the Real Self

YouTube Video Summary 6 mins 

Subtitles added June 202; Download Transcript of Video

PL 153 The Self-Regulating Nature of Involuntary Processes                

           "Man's battle is in the holding on to his ego faculties. This is because he desperately fears the involuntary processes. He fears everything about it, either consciously or unconsciously or both. Study guide explores 4 sub-topics of the lecture: Overexertion of ego creates unbalance, The role of Images in unhappiness, Involuntary Processes that you already trust, and Fear of success / Fear of the Abyss."

Explore: Overexertion of Ego Creates Unbalance; The Role of Images in Unhappiness; You Already Trust Involuntary Processes! ; and Fear of Success / Fear of the Abyss
YouTube Summary  19 mins

PL 155 Fear of Self; Giving and Receiving

           Anyone who constricts his natural soul movements does so because he is afraid of them, afraid of where they will lead him to and of what they may make him do.

           Anyone who is aware of this fear has made a substantial step toward his liberation, for without being aware of the fear of self, it cannot be overcome.

November 2017 Newsletter PL 155

Study Guide: Fear of Self: Giving and Receiving

Explore: Fear of Self;  Fear of Pleasure; Vicious Circles of Rage and Poverty Consciousness; and  Misconceptions about Giving

YouTube Presentation 22 mins

PL 157 Emotional Dependency Hinders Possibilities

          It is being said by all great spiritual teachings, by all truth teachings, that creation is infinite in its possibilities and that man's potential to realize these infinite possibilities of happiness exists in the depths of his being.                                                                                                                                      

          Before man can create new possibilities of unfoldment and entirely new ranges of experience in his personal life, it is necessary that he first learns to apply these laws of creation to his problem areas, to those aspects of his life where he is troubled, limited, handicapped ‐‐ where he feels trapped.

February 2019 Newsletter PL 157

Study Guide: Emotional Dependency Hinders Possibilities

Explore: Whatever possibility you can conceive of, you can realize; The Power of Negative Motivations;  The Crippling Shame of Emotional Dependency; and When Your Soul is Fearless... 

YouTube Presentation Emotional Dependence 46 mins

Download Transcript of YouTube Presentation

PL 158 The Ego's Cooperation with -- or Obstruction of -- the Real Self

          When man identifies himself exclusively with the ego, with the outer conscious self, when his sense of self is predominantly associated with the ego functions, he becomes completely imbalanced, and his life becomes emptied of substance and meaning.  Since the ego cannot replace --or in any way come near the resourcefulness of the real self -- the individual must feel inadequate, and his sense of life, of living, of self must become very flat and unenjoyable.  

June 2021 Newsletter PL 158

Study Guide: Ego's Cooperation with -- or Obstruction of -- the Real Self Part 1

Explore: Ego’s Relationship to Real Self; Function of the Ego; Fear of the Real Self; and Transcendence Requires a Healthy Ego

Study Guide: PL 158 Part 2

Explore: Partnering with the Real Self;  Real Self, Real Feelings; Pride, Self-Will, and Fear; and Four Fundamental Fears

Study Guide: Week 9 Extras -- Beyond the Lecture

Video Introduction to PL 158   35 mins

Demonstration: Jan's Personal Process from 1998   35 mins

PL 159 Life Manifestation is Expression of Dualistic Illusion

         You see, my friends, the creative power at work within yourself is so immense, it is so constantly operative, that you have, so far, no notion of. It operates according to your consciousness. This includes, of course, the conscious and the unconscious mind -- your total being. ... When this is fully perceived, the law of life will be understood. 

November 2014 Newsletter PRS25 PL81/159

Study Guide: Duality Through Illusion

PL 160: Conciliation of Inner Split

         This is a powerful lecture about cultivating the  emotional maturity that needed in order to support accelerated spiritual development. Study materials include an example of a vicious circle that develops when we try too hard to resolve dualities. "A very deliberate and yet relaxed attempt must be made to feel the underlying causes of the outer results in your life." 

Presentation on YouTube  1 hr 35 mins 

or 3 Short Samples

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide

Listen to audio online:



PL 161 Unconscious Negativity, and how it Endangers Surrender of Ego to Involuntary Processes

          When man is primarily identified with and functioning out of the ego, he must be in imbalance.  He must be enmeshed in problems.  Therefore you have to look for new avenues and new approaches within yourselves to find it possible to let go in a healthy, harmonious way. This lecture can become a milestone; it can represent the culminating point you have needed, where a basic destructiveness will be abandoned through your squarely facing it.  Hence, the divine can be activated.  For you cannot abandon a negativity you ignore you have.  You cannot give up a destructiveness you deny exists in you. 

March 2022 Newsletter

Study Guide: Unconscious Negativity PL 161

Explore: Ego consciousness and the universal intelligence; Everyday Ways to Replenish and Restore; Why the Ego Fears Letting Go; and Real Love is Key

Monthly workshop newsletter for PL 161

Video Presentation  50 mins with .pdf handout of slides featuring 

Aspects of Reason, Will and Emotion summarized from PLs 43, 84 and 248

PL 162 Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance                                                                

You are not only, by your presence, in the spirit of wanting to receive guidance and truth, but primarily by every single inner effort made toward the realization of your true being.  The more this realization is activated, the more blessings are generated from within. Elimination of error frees intuition and creative experience from within.  The lectures first give an impetus to this process and later fortify and confirm it when you read them again.

April 2019 Newsletter & Outline of PL 162

Study Guide:  162 Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance

Explore  Seeing Illusions From Different Angles; 

1.  What You Think Exists  2.  What Actually Exists  3. What Could Exist

PL 165: Evolutionary Phases of Feelings and Emotions

          Through many life experiences, through millennia of living under varied circumstances, each entity learns to develop his faculties of reason (seeing cause and effect of his actions) and of will (self‑discipline not to give in to these primitive impulses). Yet in overdeveloping faculties of reason and will, a lopsidedness comes into being. 

          Whenever emotions appear, they may seem by far more negative than positive. When feelings are feared (and therefore denied) aliveness is by necessity also denied, whether or not the entity is aware of this connection.

May 2020 Newsletter Outline of PL 165

Study Guide: 188 Evolutionary Phrases of Feelings and Emotions

Explore: What are Your Spiritual Goals?;   Self-Realization and How it Manifests;  Why Mankind Fears the Realm of Feelings; and Spiritual Studies Manifest Our Intentions

YouTube Review of PL 165  55 mins 

Review of PL 165 Meetings in pdf format

Review of Issues discussed / participant contributions during the weekly online meetings

PL 166: Perceiving, Reacting, Expressing

A threefold principle exists that applies to all elements of any kind of relationship and determines its nature.  It is perceiving, reacting, and expressing.  When this threefold principle operates in health, truth, harmony, and reality, then relationship must be fruitful and joyful.  When these three aspects of relationship operate in a distorted, unrealistic, disharmonious way, relationship cannot possibly be fruitful or joyful.

August 2020 Newsletter Outline of PL 166

Study Guide: Perceiving, Reacting, Expressing

Explore: Freedom = Facing + Experiencing + Expressing;

A Threshold of Spiritual Development;  Threefold Principle of Relationship; 
and  Self-Love Empowers Relationship

YouTube Summary of PL 166   47 mins

PL 168: Two Ways of Living; Away from and Towards Center

This blessing is the simple statement: truth brings love and love brings truth.  From whichever end you start it or are able to start it, one must lead to the other, and both become one

Two Basic Ways of Life PL168 Study Guide

Minutes from April 2013 meetings PL168

​PL 170: Fear of Bliss versus Longing for It -- The Energy Centers

          The entire universe is constituted in such a way that each created individual is capable of being in a constant state of bliss.  Each created individual is made in such a way that this is not only a theoretical possibility, but it is man's natural state of being.  It is the natural law.  When an individual is not in a state of bliss, it is an unnatural, disturbed condition. 

          The key to the universe is real love, not the binding love you often give forth. If you have the honesty of saying, "I cannot help but feel this way although I know I do not like it and I know it is destructive.," in that moment, you not only are truthful, but you make room for change.

November 2021  Newsletter Outline  Workshop Flyer

Study Guide: Longing for Bliss PL 170 Part 1

Explore: Real Love is the Key to Bliss; Bliss is Your Birthright; Bliss is the Natural State of Being; and Distinguishing Bliss from Pleasure Using the Energy Center. with excerpt from Light Emerging ©1993 by Barbara Brennan

YouTube Summary of PL 170 Part 1  23 mins

December 2021 Newsletter Outline  Workshop Flyer

Study Guide: Fear of Bliss PL 170 Part 2

YouTube Summary of PL 170 Part 1  22 mins

PL 171 & PC10: Spiritual Law                 

          Spiritual Law, like forces of nature (such as gravity), is impersonal, constant, and perfect - concepts that we do not associate with human relationships and life circumstances. We experience authority and justice through the lens of Human Law, which is seldom free of agenda, ideology, and distortion. This can encourage attitudes of rebellion and resentment, along with a fear of being judged.

2009 Study Guide plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide PL 171

A compilation of references from various PLs and contributions from Helpers on Spiritual Law

Listen to audio online:



2013 Study Guide and Audio File:

Handouts: Injustice & Spiritual Law PL249&171 - 2013

Explore 4 Principles from PC10:  

Law of Self-Responsibility; Law of Paying the Price; Law of Cause and Effect; and Law of Living in Truth (Facing Life). Also, exerpts from PL 249 The Pain of Injustice, and Everything is Perfect! A board game based upon Pathwork Concepts.

Minutes from 4 meetings:  June 2013 Meetings PL249&171               

Audio file 249-TC-Injustice-2013.mp3

Spiritual Principles PC 10  Original 1978 Document 8 pages

Spiritual Principles PC10 Single Page Summary

Spiritual Laws mentioned in the PLs   9 pages / Anonymous

PL 174 Self-Esteem

               Put down in writing everything that you dislike about yourself. Have it down in black and white.  Then feel into yourself and ask: "Do I really believe that this is all there is to me?  Do I really believe that I must be these traits all my life?  Do I believe I have the possibility to love?  Do I hold forces locked up in me that contain all the good imaginable?"                                

              By raising these questions seriously, you will get an answer on a deeply feeling level, a level where the answer is more than a theoretical concept.  You will experience a new power in you that you do not need to fear, and a new gentleness and softness that does not need hostility or other defenses.  Then you will know how much there is in you to love and respect.                                 

October 2019 Newsletter

Study Guide: Self Esteem PL 174

Explore: Becoming Aware of Self-Rejection; The Power of Consciousness; Changing attitudes leads to painless personality changes; and Destructive traits oppose life

YouTube Summary  32 mins

PL 175 Consciousness

          Creation is indeed a result of consciousness, and not, as generally assumed, the other way round.  It makes no difference.  Whether what you perceive and create and formulate in your consciousness is important, world forming, or just a passing insignificant attitude, the principle must be the same.

September 2021 Newsletter

Study Guide: Consciousness PL 175

Explore: Creation is the Result of Consciousness; Awareness Creates Power; Consciousness is Always in Motion; and Health and Emotions 

YouTube Introduction  22 mins

December 2023 Newsletter PL 175

Study Guide: Consciousness PL 175 Part 2

Explore: Consciousness is Creation; Experiencing your True Identity; Accessing the Power of Your True Identity; and The Evolutionary Process of Consciousness

PL 176 The Overcoming of Negativity featuring The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga,   Chapter 6

Negative creation is an ongoing process in every human being.  For, if you were free from negative creation, if you were not negatively involved with creation, you would not be human; you would not live on this plane of consciousness, which expresses a certain degree of development. 

April 2016 Newsletter PL 176 US6

Explore: Attitudes are Negative Creation; The Four-Step Process of Overcoming Negativity; Prayer and Meditation; and  Defenses and Pseudo-Solutions

Study Guide The Overcoming of Negativity

YouTube Summary   7 mins

PL 177 Pleasure: The Full Pulsation of Life

          He who blocks pleasure must perforce also block the deep connection with his spiritual self. Conversely, only he who is free enough to let go in one respect is free to do so in the other.  These apparently "two" experiences ‑‑ spiritual self‑realization and the capacity for pleasure ‑‑ become one and the same.  They are interactive and interdependent.        

October 2021 Newsletter PL 177

Study Guide Pleasure - The Full Pulsation of Life Part 1/2

Explore:  Pleasure is a Legitimate Human Need; Bliss as the Spiritual Level of Pleasure; and  I can’t’ conceals ‘I WON’T’

YouTube Summary 19 mins         

November 2023 Newsletter PL 177  Part 2

Study Guide: Pleasure - The Full Pulsation of Life Part 2/2

Explore: What is Legitimate Pleasure?  Obstructions to Experiencing Pleasure; Self-Barricades of Pride, Self-Will, and Fear; and Pleasure Has a Harmonious Rhythm

PL 178  The Universal Functioning Principle of Growth Dynamics

          I frequently spoke in these lectures about the dualism of this earth sphere, or rather of this state of consciousness, as opposed to the unified principle of ultimate reality.  This is what I meant: 

All of life is a progression to attain further unity

and eliminate more and more areas of disunity.

February 2024 Newsletter  PL 178

Study Guide: The Universal Functioning Principle Of Growth Dynamics 

Explore: Inner Life Force Propels Growth; Four Phases ofGrowth, as a Cumulative Process; Negative Creations and Directions (including the 4-Step Process for Uncovering Negativity from PL 176); The Unified Theory;  Mastering Misconceptions; Cause and Effect

PL 180: The Spiritual Meaning of Relationship                 

          "Relationship represents the greatest challenge for the individual, for it is only in relationship to others that unresolved problems still existing within the individual psyche are affected and activated." The intensity and pleasure of Relationship is directly proportional to our willingness to learn what it has to teach us. 

2009 Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 4 mins 

7 min segment  (below)

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide PDF

Listen to audio online:



2013 Study Guide

The Spiritual Meaning of Human Relationship PL 180

Explore: 1. Start from a POSITIVE perspective  2. Disharmonious relationships are only effects: the underlying cause is our own inner split  3. Consider the airline in-flight safety warning: ‘Put your mask on first before you help anyone else.’  Then, Identifying resistance to growth and self-transformation; Are your disharmonies the result of an imbalanced relationship? and Inner and outer hypocrisy - Using disharmony as a yardstick / feedback mechanism 

Above: clip from "The Spiritual Meaning of Relationship" PL 180

PL 181: The Meaning of the Human Struggle

           In the course of these lectures, I have occasionally mentioned aspects of the creative substance.  But whatever I can say can never describe the marvel and the truth of it.  All words must sound hollow in comparison with its actual, manifesting reality.  Creative substance is the most powerful energy.  It is the most fertile life stuff imaginable.  Its malleability, its responsiveness to creating mind, its pliability is as infinite as the universe itself.  Whatever consciousness can conceive of and express in thought, feeling, and will direction, creative life stuff molds, forms, builds.  To know and experience this is being connected with the processes of creation, which is an ongoing process available to all living creatures. 

          To know this means possessing the key to the human struggle. What consciousness determines, the life stuff "obeys" ‑‑ like clay in the hands of a sculptor. 

March 2024Newsletter Summary PL 181

Study Guide: The Meaning of the Human Struggle

2024 Review of Unity and Duality PL 143 referencing PL 181

YouTube Presentation -Part 1  35mins     Part 2 21 mins  

Download 3-Page Outline

PL 182: Meditation for Three Voices: 

          Includes information from Chapter 4, Child, Adult Ego and Soul Self (US4) of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga.  Encouraging greater consciousness around different aspects of ourselves can be likened to the process of Voice Dialogue©. It is often taught using three chairs or seating positions, and the process can be expanded to include many  combinations.

2009 Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download 2009  Study Guide PDF

featuring Steps on the Spiritual Path from The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga

Audio-only presentation 2009:



2013 Study Guide (see 2019)

Minutes from 

July 2013 Online Meetings on PL182

Explore: Who is speaking: Higher Self, Adult Ego, and Child Consciousness? Identifying perspectives: Individualized Self Sphere or Universal Self Sphere? Working with the four stages of meditation: revealing and expressing what is, understanding, re-educating, visualizing what is possible going forward; and Integrating our voices with the help of the Observer Self.  Plus film recommendations and materials on how to use Voice Dialogue©

2021 Study Guides and Workshop

Powerpoint charts for PL 182 & Three Spheres of Consciousness

2021 Study Guide (upgraded from 2013) - The Process of Meditation PL 182

Explore: Defining the Voices; using Four Stages of Mediation, including material from PL 194

2021 Process 'How to' and worksheets:  A Meditation for Three Chairs PL 182

Explore: Basics of a ‘Three Chair Mediation’; Voices and their Different Energetic Perspectives; Noticing Voices in Real Life, Film, & Daily Review 

May 2021 Newsletter PL 182

YouTube Playlist Includes a 22 min Introduction 

plus 6 demonstrations of this process by volunteers!

Also see several 2022 Powerpoint presentations 

that include instructions on how to use the techniques from PL 182:

PL 32 Decision Making

PL 116 Reaching the Spiritual Center 

PL 183 The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis

Crisis is an attempt of nature, of the natural, cosmic lawfulness of the universe, to effect change.  If change is obstructed by that part of the consciousness that directs the will, crisis must be the result in order to make structural change possible. 

June 2017 Newsletter PL 183

Study Guide: The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis

Stagnation => Crisis
Fear of Change => Crisis

‘I cannot go on any longer’ => Crisis

Not understanding Crisis => Dark night of the Soul

YouTube Summary 31 mins

Download Subtitles as .txt

PL 185 Mutuality, A Cosmic Principle and Law

          No creation can take place unless mutuality exists. Mutuality means that two apparently or superficially different or alien entities or aspects move toward one another for the purpose of uniting and making one comprehensive whole.  Mutuality is the movement that bridges the gap from duality toward unity.  Wherever there is separation, mutuality must prevail or come into being in order to eliminate this separation’

See PL# tabs for 2009 video and study guide on Abundance PL 130 & Mutuality PL 185

July 2022 Newsletter PL 185 Part 1 of 2

Study Guide: Mutuality, A Cosmic Principle and Law Part 1 

August 2022 Newsletter PL 185 Part 2 of 2

Study Guide: Factors that Prohibit Mutuality Part 2

Video Summary Parts 1&2  :50 mins

During August there were opportunities for following up on the June 2022 topic, 

Stages of Commitment AD6, and making a public commitment. 

See 'Additional Concepts' page by clicking the 'more' tab, above, 

for audio and video of the July 29th 2022 ceremony.

PL 188 Affecting and Being Affected

          Our mutual aim is to truly find the core of your real being and to thus find your real existence. This real existence is light and beauty.  In this real existence there is nothing to fear. But you must go through the fear in order to find that it is illusion, and in order to choose whether or not you wish to continue living in this illusion -- or to give it up. 'Giving it up' requires some effort and willingness to change and chance some unknown modes of living and being, of reacting and acting.

April 2020 Newsletter PL 188

Study Guide Affecting and Being Affected

Explore: There is Nothing to Fear; Affecting and Being Affected; Dynamics of Positive and of Negative Intentionality; and Living in Contact with Your Innermost Being = Living in Bliss

Video Summary  31 mins

Download Transcript of video as .pdf

PL 189 Identification with Self

The spiritual consciousness cannot manifest when the already existing consciousness is not fully put to use in the conduct of one's life.  

September 2015 Newsletter PRS24 / PL189

Study Guide  Identification With Self

Explore: Accepting the Self – As Is; Identifying with the Real Self; The Spiritual Cause of Pain; Three Spheres of Consciousness; and Group Dynamics

Video Introduction  16 mins

PL 190 The Importance of Experiencing All Feelings & The Dynamic State of Laziness

         As far as it is possible to generalize, many of you are in a position to 1) acknowledge your destructive, negative, cruel, hostile, and selfish feelings and attitudes and 2) see the mechanisms of your defenses to some extent ‑‑ [even if not to the fullest extent]. Even this partial awareness makes so much difference!  It shifts your entire position toward yourself.  You no longer required to defend your defenses, to pretend to be so perfect that everything in you ought to be "right."

August 2023 Newsletter PL 190 Part 1 of 2

Study Guide:  The Dynamic State of Laziness Part 1 of 2

Explore: The Double Illusion of Self-Illusion; Laziness as a Dynamic State of Being; Laziness as a Symptom of Self-Alienation; and The Gateway Prayer from PL 190.

Video Introduction to PL 190 https://youtu.be/fFevScbUYS4  11 mins

Personal laziness in the work of self-development: https://youtu.be/Dpks6HmGF9M 20 mins

September 2023  Newsletter PL 190 Part 2 of 2 

Explore:  The Dualistic Split;  Feelings & the Abyss of Illusion; Feeling All Feelings Requires Preparation; and the process of Experiencing All Feelings, Including Fear

PL 192 Repressed Needs, Real and False Needs

          To the degree you have not experienced fully your past as a child, you must attract similar experiences, at least in essence, later.   

October 2014 Newsletter PRS23 /  PL192

Study Guide: Repressed Needs, Real and False Needs

Explore: Repressed needs and their relationship to Man’s State of Consciousness; Real and False Needs; Repression, Manipulation, Displacement, Substitution; and Sublimation 

PL 193 Basic Principles of Pathwork: Its Aim and Process

          The aim of this approach to spiritual reunion is to help toward a re‐unification of everything that has ever split itself off, through developing awareness and working with all levels of the human personality: mind and thought; will; feelings; physicality and physical expression; and life experience.

December 2019 Newsletter

Study Guide Basic Principles of Pathwork

Explore:  Pathwork Approach and Aims; Accessing All Levels of the Human Personality; The Level of Experience; and Useful Concepts in the Pathwork Process

YouTube Video Summary Part 1    23 mins

January 2020 Newsletter Part 2

Study Guide Basic Principles of Pathwork Part 2

Explore: Three Levels of Reality; Mask Self / Idealized Self Image; Duality / Dualistic Thinking; 

and Meditation and Prayer

YouTube Video Summary Part 2    41 mins

PL 195 Identification and Intentionality:  Identification of the Spiritual Self to Overcome Negative Intentionality:

          Whatever man fears, he unconsciously wants, and that whatever he experiences, he also unconsciously wants.  This entire Pathwork is based on this truth, this fact of life.     

October 2020 Newsletter PL 195 Part 1

Study Guide: Identification and Intentionality Part 1 of 2

Identification vs. Identifying WITH; Stages of Commitment / Cause and Effect; Intuition vs. Instinct; and The Spiral of Development starts with Awareness

November 2020 Newsletter PL 195 Part 2 of 2

 Identifying Negativity vs. Negative Intentionality; Can’t / Won’t, & The Antidote: Positive Intentionality; and The Spiral of Development as an ongoing process

Study Guide PL 195 Part 2 of 2 

PL 196: Commitment; Cause and Effect             
          "The ability to put cause and effect together also indicates the degree of awareness an entity has reached through his development.”  PL 196   When we ignore or misrepresent the connection between cause and effect, we disempower ourselves.  Consequences appear random and inexplicable, encouraging despair and self-doubt.

2009 Teleconference:

196-TC-Commitment-2009.zip Includes audio files and study guide. 

Or download separately:  2009 Study Guide

2009 Podcast (Audio Only) Part 1  Part 2
Play audio:



August 2016   Newsletter PL196

Study Guide: Commitment -- Cause and Effect

Explore: What happens when we don’t know what we don’t know?

Awareness, the most painful stage of our process

Understanding our part in creating our reality: cause and effect

Knowing – and how to recognize it

YouTube Video Summary 4 mins

PL 197 Energy and Consciousness in Distortion: Evil      

          Energy can be an impersonal force that does not seem to be, or contain, or be an expression of, consciousness. The separated, dualistic human state creates the illusion that energy and consciousness are two different manifestations.  The same split in perception exists about life and self; God and man; cause and effect,  and many other concepts or phenomena of life.  Both are one.  Since thought is movement and energy, it is impossible to separate consciousness from energy in their essence, although in their manifestation there might be an apparent disconnection.

Explore: Energy and Consciousness: Unified and Dis-Unified States; Energetic and Conscious Evidence of Dis-Unification: Evil; Evil in / as Resistance & The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis; and The Power of Positive Intentionality
YouTube Video Summary 27 mins

PL 198 Transitioning to Positive Intentionality

          A fundamental reason for the difficulty in changing negative to positive intentionality is that secretly the self identifies almost totally with the destructive part. Hence giving up this part of the personality appears hazardous, dangerous, and annihilating.

          The question, then, is how to proceed in order to shift that subtle, inner sense of identity. 

January 2017  Newsletter PL198

Study Guide: Transitioning to Positive Intentionality

Explore: The Great Transition PL 75; Recognizing Positive Intention;  Recognizing Negative Intention; and Transitioning into Positive Intentionality

YouTube Video Summary 6 mins (below)

Above: Clip from Transitioning to Positive Intentionality PL 198

PL 199 The Meaning of the Ego and Its Transcendence

            Man's average state of mind is a fragmented piece of consciousness. In this fragmented state he is cut off from reality.  He inevitably lives in fear and limitation. He ardently protects this limited state of consciousness, while it is this very limitation that creates fear and suffering. 

             Every incarnation, on whatever level this may pertain, requires the entity to increase the scope of his "field of operation," to widen the fences around the fragmented ego, to bring in more reality from the world beyond the illusory confinement. 

March 2019 Newsletter PL 199

Study Guide "Ego Tricks" PL 199

Explore :  Ego as a Fragmented Piece of Consciousness;  Ego Tricks; A Vicious Circle of Excuses; and Harmonious Movement Becomes Effortless

YouTube Video Ego Tricks 26 mins

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Silhouettes at Big Bend National Park, Texas