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Pathwork Lectures 100-149 Study Guides

"I invite you to explore these materials as starting points for your own journey, rather than as answers. Talk back, argue, and debate them; voice your insights, your experience. The teleconferences are like snapshots, one person's way of expressing how concepts might manifest. The deeper purpose of the materials is to support growth, consciousness, and pleasure."      PL 119

Above: clip from Restitution for Real Guilt PL 109

PL 101: The Defense

They may be subtle and hard to detect at first, but once you are aware of defenses it is easy to see that many of us are in defense most of the time. We defend against frustration of our will, against anything that does not go according to our wishes. "”If only you learn to observe, detect, and understand -- and therefore eventually eliminate -- your defensiveness, you will be freed of an illusion.  There is no greater hardship, no greater prison than illusion.” PL 101

Download Study Guide plus audio MP3 files:



Download PL 101 Study Guide PDF

Featuring PL 100 Pain of Destructive Patterns and PL 127 Four Stages of Spiritual Evolution.

Listen to audio online:



July 2014Newsletter PRS19 / PL 101

2014 Study Guide: The Defense  Explore:  The physical, emotional, and spiritual price of our addiction to defense; What being in defense looks and feels like; What do you fear will happen if your defense is found to be false? and Living in a unitive state on a dualistic plane. 

PL 103 Constructive and Destructive Will Forces; The Harm of Too Much Love Giving

There can be no fulfillment of any sort without good human relationships. And good human relationships are impossible without love and without all the various aspects that are part of love.

December 2017 Newsletter PL 103

Study Guide: Constructive and Destructive Will Forces

Explore: Distortions of Love and Will in Human Relationship; Free will, Inner Will, Outer Will;   Negative Aspects of Will; and Receiving = Loving Yourself and Others (vs. Immature Demands of Self-Will)

PL 104 Intellect and Will as Tools or Hindrances to Self Realization

It is sometimes advisable to use another word to experience the meaning behind the word. If  you cannot succeed, be aware that your innermost self does not, at the moment, recapture the inner meaning and the living experience.              

          This awareness counts so much. When you experience the living spirit of a term, it is your real self that does so. While the repetition of a word is done by your intellect, memory is the will to recapture that which was once experienced. When this happens, the meaning becomes lifeless. The experience has become a repetitive pattern. Your real self no longer functions,

June 2020  Newsletter PL 104

Study Guide: Intellect and Will as Tools or Hindrances

Explore: What Obstructs the Real Self;    Three Stages of Spiritual Awareness; Mankind is in the Second Stage; and A Paradox = The State of Becoming involves Striving

June Meetings on PL 104  YouTube Review  1 hour

Review of June 2020 Meetings or Transcript of the video

PL 108 Fundamental Guilt for Not Loving

Meaningful restitution has no rules. I cannot give a formula for it. Each case has to be deeply examined, free from all superimposed standards, with a new and fresh approach, considering all angles. All issues have to be weighed from the point of view of all concerned, primarily the wronged person, but not exclusively.

Examine each case in its essentials, from the angle of what is really important. Request inspiration and guidance from the creative forces dwelling in your real self. They will not fail to manifest.          

January 2016 Newsletter PL108

Study Guide: Fundamental Guilt for Not Loving

Explore: Restitution As An Ongoing Process;  The Deeper Guilt - Not Loving PL 108; Tool of the Month: Pride, Self Will, and Fear PL 30;  and The Protest is the Medicine

YouTube Video Summary 8 mins

PL 109: Restitution for Real Guilt    

          Justice, self-responsibility, and spiritual law -- what are our mutual obligations? What does caring for our brothers and sisters look like? False, exaggerated guilt is often used to distract us from the truth.  'Self-respect and self-assurance can only exist if you do not hide from your impaired integrity."  

2009 Presentation on YouTube     1 hr 46 mins 

or 2 Short Samples

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:



Download Study Guide PDF

Suggestions from Spiritual Principles PC 10 and the 12 Step process

Listen to audio online:



PL 111 Healthy vs. Unhealthy Soul Substance; Coping with Demands

          Where the soul is potentially healthy and strong, even negative impressions will not make a deep dent in the soul. Where the underlying potential is positive, the corresponding soul stuff will be so resilient that a seemingly most detrimental occurrence will bounce off, so to speak. It will not leave a lasting mark -- other than the benefit of increased understanding. Flexibility is the result of resilient, elastic, healthy soul substance.

            But where the underlying potential is of unresolved problems, the soul stuff in these areas is so un-resilient that the impressions form deep dents, and remain imbedded in the soul substance. 

April 2023 Newsletter Summary PL 111

Study Guide: Healthy and Unhealthy Soul Substance; Coping with Demands

Explore: Spiritual Health and Un-health; Two forms of Rigidity; Developing a Healthy, Elastic Soul Substance; and Coping with Demands (especially our own unconscious ones).

PL 112 Man's Relationship to Time

Man's existence on earth is bound by time.Time is a result of the three‐dimensional nature of this sphere of consciousness.  This is indicated by three segments: past, present and future. This dimension is a result of the overall state of consciousness of mankind as a whole. Man strives into the future for several reasons:

--He does not like the present and hopes for something better from the future.      

--He fears a certain aspect of life and wants it to be past. 

December 2014 Newsletter PRS28 / PL112

Explore:  Breaking the ‘time barrier’;  Unutilized time => negative emotions vs. living in the ‘now’; Using the future to escape the present; and Living in the Now 

PL 116 Reaching the Spiritual Center:  Struggle Between Lower Self and Superimposed Conscience 
        You may not always be aware of it to the full extent and as to the significance of the continuous process of growth that you find yourself in. But I dare say that most of you will feel an extension of awareness, a raising of your consciousness in many respects.  Those thoughts may not be conscious, but it is an effect on the psyche after sufficient insight has been reached. 
February 2022 Newsletter PL 116
Explore: Understanding Spiritual Matters Brings a Sense of Security; Two Fundamental Attitudes; A Battle Between Lower Self and Superimposed Conscience; and   Childhood Origins of the Superimposed Conscience
.pdf of Slide Presentation from video
includes using techniques from Meditation for Three Voices PL 182 
Workshop Flyer and Newsletter

PL 117  Shame as a Yardstick for Unresolved Problems; Seemingly Favorable Childhood Circumstances as Obstructive as Hurts

When you pursue this path, you come to a point when you discover certain areas that you are ashamed of acknowledging even to yourself.  What you may be ashamed of may be faults, but not always and not necessarily.  You may be as ashamed of very legitimate needs as you are of faults, or of assets, for that matter.    

August  2017  Newsletter PL 117

Study Guide: Shame as a Yardstick for Unresolved Problems

Explore: Shame as the Result of Pretense and Deception; A Process for Finding Feelings of Shame;

Contradictions on Apparently Favorable Circumstances; and The Compulsion to Recreate Childhood Pleasures. Plus an Appendix: Participatory Q&A Session with the Guide 

YouTube Summary 21 mins

PL 118 & PRS 10: Transference, Parents, and Images

Psychological transference describes how we recreate patterns of behavior towards authority based upon how we interacted with our parents. Spiritual transference refers to projecting our attitudes towards human beings onto God. Samples include finding our way through life (Blind Dog) and how differently adults see things, (White Lies). 

2008 Presentation on YouTube         1 hr 57 mins

or 2 Short Samples

Download Study Guide plus audio MP3 files: 



Download 2008 Study Guide on PL 118

Featuring portions of PRS Chapter 10 on Parents and Images 

plus materials on transference from psychological, child-development, and spiritual  perspectives

Listen to audio online:



May 2014   Newsletter PRS10 / PL118

Study Guide: Parents and Images PRS 10 PL118

PL 119 Movement, Consciousness, Experience

It is always that one aspect of the triad harmoniously combines the two others.  If harmony prevails in the living organism, the third factor blends, balances, and harmonizes.  If the life organism is in disharmony with the universal laws, the three factors will become a contradiction to one another, and instead of harmonizing the whole, they will be in opposition to one another.  So it is with this triad.             

February 2016 Newsletter PRS26 / PL119

Study Guide: Movement, Consciousness, Experience

Explore:  Triads as Indicators of Balance;  Movement, Consciousness, Experience;  The Pleasure Principle; and Resistance

YouTube Video Summary 9 mins

PL 120 The Individual and Humanity

Deep insight, which comes as a result of relentless self‐confrontation, truly sets you free.It liberates you from confinement, compulsion, and enables you freely to choose your inner and outer course in life and being.  Visualize that humanity as a whole is an entity governed by the same laws as the individual which is a part of this bigger body ‐‐ mankind.

April 2018 Newsletter PL 120

Study Guide: The Individual and Humanity

Explore: Parallels in the Growth Process of Individuals and Humanity;  The Transition from Self-Centeredness to Selfhood; The Adolescent Stage of Development; and The Ongoing Process of Individualization

Additional worksheet: If Life Was a Game of Cards...   

YouTube Video Summary20 mins

PL 124 The Language of the Unconscious

The most powerful aspect in man's life is his unconscious.  …the unconscious is so much stronger than the conscious mind … because conscious misconceptions and unrealistic outlooks are more easily detectable in their unrealism and can therefore be corrected.  That which is hidden from awareness continues to govern you without your being able through your reason to change the unconscious outlook.  Hence it is of utmost importance to detect such hindering outlooks hidden within.

February 2015 Newsletter PRS8 / PL124  

Study Guide   The Language of the Unconscious

Explore: How the Unconscious Speaks;  Cosmic Laws: Yes and No Currents;  Tools and Techniques: The Power of the Word, Written Meditation; and Activating your Yes by uncovering the No currents

PL 125 Transition from the No-Current to the Yes-Current
           The yes‑current is the expression of the supreme intelligence and creative universal force.  It is the life force, whose aspects were also discussed in a separate lecture in the past.  It is all that strives toward union, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, fruition.  It is truth and love in its substance and manifestation.  It is life embracing and accepting.  Its movements are smooth and harmonious ‑‑ to bring in still another of our past topics.
             The no‑current works and affects in the opposite manner, but not in the sense that it is evil. It consists rather of ignorance, blindness, distortion, lack of awareness of relevant factors ‑‑ relevant to the no‑current in whatever way manifested.  Ignoring truth, it must be in fear and spread fear.  Hence, it is the opposite of love, of everything that leads toward union, fulfillment, fruition.  It is discord and spreads disharmony, isolation. 
Explore: Meaning of Yes and No Currents; Finding Your NO; Inner and Outer Will Affect the Soul Substance; and Negativity Towards the Pathwork Process
YouTube Summary 59 mins  Subtitles added June 202
Download Transcript

PL 127 Four Stages of Evolution: Automatic Reflex, then...

Awakening --> Understanding --> Knowing

This lecture has become one of the foundations of my practice. 'Popping' into awareness before understanding has begun can feel like waking up and finding yourself in mid-air, plummeting and tumbling with no sense of where ground is. Knowing is an ongoing, sacred process of finding spiritual truth,. 

          Before we have experienced conscious knowing, there can be a sense of mystery about the process. Yet examples abound in our daily life! Both driving a vehicle (including our own bodies) and reading are immensely complex cognitive tasks. You rely upon what you already know in order to focus your conscious attention on the current variable -- traffic, uneven ground, or new ideas.

Presentation Notes PL 127

          Respect for the difficulties of coming in to awareness prompted the creation of Pathwork Steps, a series of free weekly teleconferences where participants can hear each others process on difference Pathwork concepts. See the Pathwork Steps page on this website or www.pathworksteps.org.

PL 128 Fences Man Puts Up Through Limited Illusory Alternatives

When you discover the freedom; when you find out that there are no chains, no fences, no prison walls, that you are not helpless, that you can constantly influence and mold your fate, your immediate life; then there is happiness that you cannot imagine ‑‑the fearlessness of living, the effortlessness of growing, the beauty of experiencing, the rich variety of experience without harassment, and the bliss of steadily growing.  This happiness cannot be described.         

August 2021 Newsletter: PL 128 Overview

Study Guide PL 128 Fences Man Puts Up

Explore: The Illusion of a Limited Universe;  Fence #1 -- Rejecting the Realities of Cause and Effect;  Fence #2 -- Misconceptions and Images; and Fence #3 -- Dualistic Either/Or Choices

PL 129 Winner vs. Loser: Interplay between the Self and Creative Forces

The attitude toward life of winning vs. losing is one of the greatest limitations. It s the most common of the either/or concepts. Both sides contain the identical misconception.  Some adopt the one alternative, some the other.  Each fears the consequences of the other side of his choice.  Neither one of the two choices is "better" or "worse" than the other.  Both end up with the identical results of loneliness, resentment, self‑pity, self‑contempt, frustration.

April 2022 Newsletter: PL 129 Part 1

Study Guide PL 129 Part 1: Winner vs. Loser

Explore: Dualities in Winning or Losing;  The Folly of the ‘Best’ Way;   Love, Power, & Serenity as Pseudo-Solutions; and Duality Leads to Hopelessness and Despair. Includes concepts from 

Unity and Duality PL 143 and Personality Types PLs 43 & 84

YouTube Video :47 mins  https://youtu.be/pMIxVniD5Bw    PDF of Handout/Slides

May 2022: Newsletter: PL 129 Part 2

Study Guide PL 129 Part 2: Interplay between the Self and Creative Forces

Explore: Hopelessness as a Defense against Change;   Self-Commitment Unleashes the Creative Forces;   Interplay between the Self and Creative Forces; and The Law of Balance

PL 130 & 185: Abundance and Acceptance; Mutuality

Abundance is an attitude, a state of mind. Like attracts like. 'Poverty consciousness' describes how we can unconsciously contribute energy to the very things we fear. The Pathwork Process focuses upon finding where we unconsciously believe what fear tells us, even if we consciously reject it.

2009 Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 15 mins 

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:



Download Study Guide PDF   

Explore: Eleven Irrational Beliefs by Albert Ellis

 and Exercises to Develop Sensory Imagination by Meichenbaum and Genest

Listen to audio online:



PL 132: The Function of the Ego 

The Ego’s main function is to deliberately seek contact with the greater self within. A healthy Ego chooses to accept life and chooses to want to understand itself. A weak Ego tends to rely upon others and often takes on their point of view; overblown Egos prevent us from finding our way to the Real Self, by holding onto a social or material identity. 

2009 Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 30 mins 

or 2 Short Samples (click 4 minute sample below)

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download 2009 Study Guide PDF

Listen to audio online:

132-TC-Ego-2009-Pt1 (1).mp3

132-TC-Ego-2009-Pt2 (1).mp3

2013 Study Guide Function of the Ego PL132  

Minutes from March meetings PL132

PL 133 Love: Not a Commandment, but Spontaneous Soul Movement of the Inner Self 

        All religions, all philosophies, and all psychology agree that love is the key to everything, to fulfillment, to security, to creative growth. And yet, love cannot be commanded, nor can it be a commandment. It is a free, spontaneous soul movement. The more it is tried, due to conscience and obedience, the less does it succeed. 

October 2018 Newsletter Overview PL 133

 (Film and Reading Suggestions are updated October 1st)

Study Guide Love: Not a Commandment

Explore: The Power of Love; Two Basic Misunderstandings; Distortions Form an Energetic “Foreign Body”; and The Paradox of Surrender

YouTube Video Introduction 14 mins

Subtitles added June 2020: download Transcript of Video

PL 134 Facing the Lower Self

          A synthesis of many Pathwork lectures on the Lower Self, negativity, and and transformation. Includes quotes from Chapter 7 of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga.

2009 Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 36 mins

Download Subtitles as .txt

or 3 Short Samples

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:


Download Study Guide

Listen to audio online:


014-TC-FacingLower Self-Pt1.mp3

PL 136 The Illusory Fear of Self

            In the last analysis, all fears derive from the fear one has of his innermost being ‐‐ that part which he does not yet fully know and acknowledge.As long as an individual keeps a part of himself hidden and secret, he cannot possibly be free. He then must constantly be on guard, and he must pretend. 

November 2018 Newsletter / Overview

Study Guide: 136-Illusory Fear of Self.pdf

Explore: Negative Chain Reactions of Self-Alienation; The “Big Lie”; Desiring to Feel Differently Changes Feelings; and Overcoming Deception and Pretense

YouTube Video  28 mins

PL 137 Balancing Inner and Outer Control

          The separation of matter and consciousness is illusion.  This is the real meaning of what religion refers to as separation from God, or the "fall of the angels."  Working oneself back to the state of bliss which results from being in contact and integrated with the inner center is the "goal" ‑‑ not only the goal of such a path, but the unconscious goal of every living being.

October 2022 Newsletter Summary PL 137

Study Guide Balancing Inner and Outer Control

Explore: Separation is a State of Mind; Activating the Force of the Divine Center; Learning to Balance Inner vs. Outer Power; and Creating a Mutuality Between Inner and Outer


PL 140 Negative Pleasure: Conflict as the Source of Pain

          Pain is the Result of Conflict. When two opposite directions exist in a personality, pain comes into being. One direction ‐‐ the direction of the universal, creative forces ‐‐ strives towards light, life, growth, unfoldment, affirmation, beauty, love, inclusion, union, pleasure supreme. Whenever this direction is counteracted by another direction, a disturbance is created. 

June 2019 Newsletter - Lecture Outline

Study Guide PL 140 Negative Pleasure: Conflict as the Source of Pain

Explore: Negativity --> Conflict --> Pain;  Negative Pleasure;  Principle of Self-Perpetuation;  

and Awareness--> Understanding --> Knowing

YouTube Summary   28 mins

PL 143: Unity and Duality 

          "The dualistic plane means that man sees, perceives, and experiences everything in opposites. The unified principle combines both opposites of the dualistic plane. Few human beings transcend the dualistic plane and experience only occasionally a taste of the wide, limitless outlook, the wisdom and freedom of the unified plane. 

          In the unified plane of consciousness, there are no opposites. Yet it is not the kind of good or the kind of right or the kind of life that comprises but one of the opposites of the dualistic planes. It transcends it and is of a completely different nature." 

2009 Presentation on YouTube 1 hr 31 mins  (or,  2 Short Samples)

Download Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:

Download 2009 Study Guide PDF

Listen to audio online:  143-TC-UnityDuality-2009-Pt1.mp3


Or download audio files and study guide here:  143-TC-UnityDuality-2009.zip 

2013 Study Guide Unity & Duality PL143 - 2013

Explore: What Duality looks like in our everyday lives; Unified Consciousness and the process of transcending Duality; Becoming one’s real self means self-fulfillment, as man or woman; and Outer symbols of Duality: Our two‐way split is represented by the parents. 

Minutes from February meetings PL143

2014 Study GuideUnity and Duality with with PRS 25 

2019 Study Guide Unity & Duality PL 143 2019

Explore Two Basic Approaches to Life;  The Human Predicament; Finding the Truth of the Matter; and Duality: The Plane of the Ego

January 2019 Newsletter - Overview

YouTube Presentation 40 mins

PL 146  Spiritual Fearlessness: The Positive Concept of Life; Fearlessness to Love;

The Balance Between Activity and Passivity

All these conditions form a comprehensive whole in order for an individual to be in harmony with himself and with life, and thus fulfill himself in every possible way.  

Explore: Three Conditions for Fearlessness; Freedom to Love is Based on Spiritual Truth; Transforming Character Defects – 3 Steps; and  A Healthy Balance between Activity and Passivity

March 2021 Newsletter PL 146

Video Summary  38 mins

PL 149 Cosmic Principles Manifest in Soul Currents

           Let us begin with the threefold principle of reason, emotion and will. [See PL 43 plus 30,84, 248]   Another set of cosmic principles are the expanding, restricting  and static principles.[See PL 55 plus 187, 235]    

April 2014 Newsletter PRS7 PL 149

Study Guide: Cosmic Principles Manifest in Soul Currents

Explore: The principles of reason, will and emotion; Expanding, restricting, static principles; Films that illustrate cosmic principles; and Human faults of pride, self-will, and fear Ref PL 30.

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