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Additional Free Resources

that may support your spiritual journey.

• Pathwork Foundation - download the lectures 

          and find communities in your area

• Audio versions of the lectures

• Indexes and Online search tools for your own research 

• Inspirational Pathwork Lecture quotes via weekly emails

• Film Suggestions that illustrate Pathwork Concepts                                  

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International Pathwork Foundation

1996 Edited Versions of all 258 Pathwork Lectures

may be downloaded at no charge from

Unedited Lectures are available via

Pathwork Foundation Membership or on CD-Rom (see below)

Find websites, study materials, and online classes at

Free Resources page at

Links to communities and Helpers in your area

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Become a Pathwork Foundation member!

Members have access to Pathwork members resources that includes all the unedited lectures (earliest printed versions digitized in 2002), Q&As, additional materials, The Path to the Real Self (PRS) manuscript by Eva Pierrakos, plus worksheets from the Pathwork Teachers Helper Database

Lectures available to the public are the 1996 edited versions.

Your membership fee supports the website that gifts the lectures to the world!

Listen to the Lectures

Gary Volbracht recorded all 258 Pathwork Lectures.

Audio available on iTunes at no charge

Direct download link: pierrakos/id819545226?mt=2

Also available on Gary's website:

Online Book Lending Services

Books may be downloaded or borrowed (similar to library lending services) here, including all of the Pathwork books plus authors mentioned below. Also contains links to Gary Vohlbacht's recordings.

Google Search Tip

Want to research favorite topics or interests?

Copy and paste the following sentence into the search box:

"your phrase"

Replace the words "your phrase" with the word or phrase

you are searching for (remember to keep the quotes)

You may also search all the materials on this website:

"PL number, title, or concept"

Google will return a link to every lecture or document

your word or phrase appears in.

Too many results?   Try again with a different phrase!

Pathwork Lecture Indexes

Index to the Q&A Sessions:

Pathwork Helper Jill Loree has indexed the Question and Answer sections of the lectures, in addition to Q&A sessions with the Guide that were numbered (i.e., PL 54) or catalogued as a continuation of a numbered lecture (ie. PL 220QA)

Original Index of the Lectures by Topic:

The Bratnick Index

Google word searches often return too many results to be useful. This index, originally created by Michael Bratnick, is a gift to the English-speaking Pathwork community from the Dutch Pathwork.

Free Weekly Lecture Quotes

For several years, I have been privileged to receive 
weekly Pathwork quotes from a Pathworker in Holland.  
Saskia Hontele offers this service in Dutch on her website,  

          She also serves several hundred English speakers via weekly emails. 

You may sign up for these weekly gems 

by emailing Saskia directly at 

 She would be delighted to support your interest. 

One brief email per week will be sent.

Closely Related Studies

Many other modalities integrate Pathwork lectures into their curriculum;

these 3 were supported by Eva and integrated into many Pathwork Transformation Programs.

Core Energetics

Bioengetics is a way of integrating feelings, mind, and body. It was developed by  John Pierrakos and Alexander Lowenbased upon Wilhelm Reich's theories of  body psychotherapy and orgone energy.  In 1967. John married Eva Brauch and integrated Pathwork concepts into his work, which became Core Energetics. This is the 'body work' that was part of the curriculum of the original Pathwork community led by Eva Pierrakos.  After Eva passed in 1979, John continued this work as a separate modality.  John passed in 2001. Core Energetics is taught around the world. 

Barbara Brennan School of Healing(BBSH)

Barbara Ann Brennan was a NASA physicist, a Pathwork Helper, and a Core Energetics Therapist before developing her unique gifts as a spiritual healer and teacher, enthusiastically supported by John Pierrakos.  BBSH courses integrate many Pathwork concepts, are avilable worldwide. They offer online courses. Barbara passed in 2022.

Barbara's 1st book Hands of Light is available as a free download

Includes original illustrations and describes Core characterology theory

Various ebook formats available from  and as a .pdf from


Pat Rodegast was a Pathwork helper who channeled the being Emmanuel. There are 3 books; Emmanuel Book I, Book II, and Book III. There is a one hour introductory video on YouTube,  other video and audio recordings are available on various platforms. Pat passed in 2012.

Film Suggestions

Explore your understanding of the concepts!

          Some films seem to be universally accepted for their vision, integrity, and message. Groundhog Day (1993), Defending Your Life (1991) and the original Matrix (2000) each illustrate profound abstract truths while entertaining us.

          For those who have seen 'The Karate Kid', the phrase 'wax on, wax off' instantly communicates profound truths about the wisdom of gaining skills incrementally, a form of 'one step at a time', before learning to integrate them into a whole new stage of self-development.

          Often a particular concept is best illustrated through one or two scenes ­­ or even a well­ done trailer. When these are available on YouTube, I include that link. Consider how you might visualize spiritual principles!

Please note: YouTube links frequently change. 

If the supplied link doesn't work, use the search function to find it's new location!

Pathwork Concepts - Film Suggestions 2017

Suggestions for specific topics are in the study guides for:

Cosmic Principles PRS 7

Self-Search PRS4  PL26

Self-Confidence: Its True Origin and What Prohibits It PL 77 

Child Consciousness and Adult Ego PL 182 

Human perception and perspective PL 249  PL 171

Three Basic Personality Types: Reason, Will and Emotion PL 43

Unity and Duality PL 143

Incarnatory Processes & Life Tasks PL 126