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Pathwork Lecture Study Guides 200-258

Above: clip from Demagnetizing Negative Force Fields PL 201

PL 201: Demagnetizing Negative Force Fields

Every conceivable attitude or concept about life creates an electro-magnetic force field... The force filed of a specific attitude to life is also ruled by the laws of attraction -- like attracting like." PL 201. Discussion of natural law following spiritual law, and how when cause and effect are separated, confusion results - disabling our ability to understand where our responsibilities might be. Short segments about Paradigms, the Observer Self, and how Context changes perception are available.

2008 Study Guide plus audio mp3 files:

Download Study Guide PDF

Listen to audio online:



2008 Presentation on YouTube1 hr 58 mins.

or 3 Short Samples (see above)

PL 202 Psychic Interaction of Negativity

           It makes a lot of difference whether you are aware of negative intentionality or whether you blindly grope, act out, and consequently suffer a special kind of confusion that is more painful than real pain. Denying negativity incurs a double guilt, First, there is the guilt for the negative attitude in question.Second, you are involved in the guilt for denying this negativity.

May 2019 Newsletter PL 203

Study Guide: Psychic Interaction of Negativity

Explore: Primary Guilt, Choosing Not to Love;  Secondary Guilt; Blaming Others for Our Choices; Victimhood; and Choosing Love

YouTube Video Summary 38 mins

PL 203 Aspects of the Divine Spark

The formal name of this lecture is “Interpenetration of the Divine Light Spark in the Outer Regions – Mind Exercises”. The Guide realized how abstract this topic may seem, and says “This is not just to give you information and teach you cosmology. Whatever I say about creation must be of immediate, practical value for your own development.”

March 2017 Newsletter PL203

Study Guide: Aspects of the Divine Spark

Explore: Feelings as an aspect of the Divine Light;   Realities beyond human knowing;  Creation as movement, movement as Creation;  and Pride, Self-Will, and Fear

YouTube Video Summary 12 mins

PL 204: What is the Path? Giving Up Illusions

          “This is basically the Pathwork.  Unless you give up these illusions and take stock of whatever is in you, you must remain alienated from your own spiritual essence”  The day to day work of giving up illusions can be the hardest work we do."

2009 Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:  

Includes audio files plus summary of PL 204 plus PL 193 Resume of the Basic Pinciples of the Path and an essay by Eva Pierrakos, the medium who channeled the Guide and led the Pathwork community.

Or download Study Guide and listen tothe  audio presentation online:


204-TC-Path-Illusion-2009-Pt2.mp3  1 hr 30 mins total

PL 206 Desire: Creative or Destructive

          Positive, real desire is, as I said, a prerequisite to the self‑creating process.  If you do not want, let us say, a new and more loving state of being, there will be no motivation toward attaining it; there will be no incentive to overcome the often apparently insurmountable resistance; there is not even a visual impression of the existence or possibility of such a state.  In order to create a new state of personality, soul movements must flow forth.  They carry the creative seed, as the wind does. 

May 2023 Newsletter Summary PL 206 

Study Guide Desire: Creative or Destructive

Explore: Energy Movements; Soul Movements of Wanting, Wishing, Desiring; Creative Receptivity; and Seeing Truth never leads to Blame

PL 207: The Spiritual Significance of Sexuality  

          The sexual force is an expression of consciousness reaching for fusion. " yet in addition "The movement toward fusion on the emotional level must be expressed in feeling- exchange if the fusion is to take place. ... Mental fusion exists obviously on the level of the thinking mind. ... Spiritual fusion is always a natural result of the fusion on the physical, emotional, and mental levels.  For most human beings it is still inconceivable to combine sexuality with spirituality. This concept is bound to change soon. Satisfying relationships with others are therefore always also a mirror of the degree of inner unification for the individual. If you cannot find union with others, you are in disunity within yourself.

2009 Study Guide PDF plus audio MP3 files:

Or download Study Guide and listen to audio online:

207-TC-Sexuality-2009-Pt1.mp3     207-TC-Sexuality-2009-Pt2.mp3

2009 Presentation on YouTube  1 hr 18 mins  Subtitles added August 2020

Download Transcript of the Presentation -- or 2 Short Samples on YouTube

PL 210 Visualization Process for Growing into the Unitive State

          Visualization is quite essential to the creating and recreating work you do in meditation. Unless you can visualize the state you are to grow into, it is hardly possible to reach it.  It is extremely difficult to visualize the new state to be grown or moved into unless an example of some sort exists. 

September 2019 Newsletter

Study Guide: Visualization Process

Explore: The Need for Examples;  Becoming Your Own Exemplary Figure; Actualizing the True Life; and Outer Manifestations as Ongoing Gauges

YouTube Summary  25 mins

PL 211 Outer Events Reflect Self-Creation: Three Stages of Consciousness

Stage 1: All events seem totally disconnected from you.

Stage 2: You easily / more easily see the outer events as a result of your attitudes

Stage 3: Attitudes, actions, intentions, and feelings have become sufficiently purified, realistic, and productive, so that you create mostly positive life experiences.

July 2024 Newsletter PL 211

Study Guide Outer Events Reflect Self-Creation

Weekly YouTube Summaries In Process

Explore: Three Stages of Consciousness 30mins; Connecting the Dots 22mins; 

Increasing Both Inner and Outer Awareness 13mins ; Following Inner Movement 

PL 212 Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness

It is of utmost importance that you know what tremendous effects your thinking and your intentionality have, the positive as well as the negative.  Your loving thoughts to the universe, your surrender to the divine creative intelligence in you is as real and effective as your spiteful withholding in lack of trust.

November 2015 Newsletter PL 212 

Study Guide  Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness 

Explore:  The Spiral of Development;  Aspects of Development that Obstruct Your Greatness;    Attachment to Self-Serving Enterprises as an Obstruction; and  Awakening Positive Intentionality

Video Summary   10 mins

PL 216  Connection between the Incarnatory Process and the Life Task and The Cosmology of Pathwork PC08, The Plan of Salvation PL 22 & 216

          I find it useful to hold a larger perspective than the human mind is used to. Pathwork lectures 17-22 are knows as the 'creation' or 'plan of salvation' lectures. 

          Around lecture 25, the Pathwork Guide indicated that a new course was being prepared that would focus more closely upon the human experience than attempts to explain spiritual reality. 

          Lectures 26-165 form the basis of work with the personality, including issues that are reflected in our experiences as children. 165-199 address the universal human experience, and 200-258 again focus upon understanding and integrating our knowledge of the unitive (spiritual) plane into our humanity.

Download 2011 Full Audio presentation:

216 PC08 Presentation Mp3

Includes Study Guides, Notes, and audio files 

Explore: Human Limitations; Indications that the Life Task in not being Fulfilled; Inner Decision to Die vs Outer (Ego) Decision to Die; and Signs of a Truly Fulfilled Life

Or listen to 2011 Audio Presentation online:

216-Part1-Rigsby2011presentation.mp3 55 mins

216-Part2-Rigsby2011presentation.mp3  55 mins

March 2016 Newsletter PL216

Study Guide: Incarnatory Process and the Life Task

Explore:   Roles of the Mind, Ego, and Real Self;  Human Life Task;  Incarnatory Process Begins with Death;  Connection between Incarnatory Processes and the Life Task

YouTube Video Summary 6 mins   Download Transcript

PL 217 The Phenomenon of Consciousness

          Consciousness permeates all being, all creation, all existence ‑‑ everything that is.  In your dualistic realm, you speak of consciousness and energy as if they were two separate phenomena.  This is incorrect.  

          Consciousness is a creator of energy, and energy must contain consciousness ‑‑ various aspects of consciousness, perhaps "variations" of consciousness as well as degrees. 

January 2024 Newsletter PL217

Study Guide: The Phenomenon of Consciousness

Explore: Consciousness Permeates Everything; Three States of Consciousness -- State 1 = Consciousness without Awareness; State 2 = Self‑awareness begins at the human level; State 3 = A Timeless State of Being, With Awareness

PL 220 Awakening from Deliberate Anesthesia through Focusing on Inner Voices

            This lecture integrates concepts from The Process of Meditation PL 182 ('Meditation for Three Voices / Chairs'), The Language of the Unconscious PL 124, and The Power of the Word PL 233. It is part of a series of lectures on integrating our spiritual selves into our human lives and processes. 

           "In this particular lecture I will again speak about the phenomenon of consciousness, particularly in connection with the evolutionary process and the meaning of individual life." PL 220

            November 2022 Newsletter PL 220  

            Study Guide Awakening from Deliberate Anesthesia

Explore: Early Phases of Awakening; Birth to 25; The Spiritual Purpose of Anesthesia;  Focusing on your inner voices; and Tools for the Learning Process

PL 221 Faith and Doubt

          The popular concept of faith in this era of mankind's development is that it is a blind belief in something you have no way of knowing, that you will never know. In reality, faith requires a succession of several steps or stages.  Each of these stages is highly grounded in intelligence and realism.          

October 2015 Newsletter PL221   

Study Guide  Faith and Doubt

Explore: Inner Obstacles to Faith; True and False Concepts;  FourSteps of Faith; and  True and False Doubt

PL 224 Creative Emptiness

          A greater power operates differently from the outer ego power you so strive for.  This truth and love, this knowing and power come from within.  It is important to be receptive to this force, this energy, this new consciousness. In order to do this, you also need to understand another principle, and that is the principle of, Yet the mind must know what it wants, be prepared for it, reach for it and claim it, know that it deserves it and will not misuse it.

January 2023 Newsletter PL 224

Study Guide Creative Emptiness

PL 225 Evolutionary Phases of Individual and Group Consciousness

          "At this period of your history, it is often said, and is also often noticed, that the Aquarian Age (or the new age) brings in a new group consciousness.  This consciousness manifests in many different ways.  Groups are forming in new ways as never before.  Community life is also taking entirely new forms.  All these developments are expressions of something deeper happening. It is very important for you to understand the dynamic, ongoing principle of the evolution of consciousness at work here.  You need to gain an overall view so that you can tune in and perceive the wider and deeper meaning of what is happening today in your time dimension."

December 2020 Newsletter PL 225

    Study Guide Three Phases of Group Consciousness PL 225

Explore: Phase 1, Self Responsibility and Individuation;    Phase 2: Group Consciousness;     Resistance to the Evolutionary Process; and    Phase 3: True Self-Responsibility Augments Group Consciousness

YouTube Summary 11 mins

PL 233 The Power of the Word

                   "The word is expression and creation.  It is plan, knowledge, opinion, consciousness.  The word is feeling, attitude, and intentionality. Creation cannot exist without a word spoken, known, held, believed in, and committed to in the area of that specific creation.  The word is a conglomerate of all of these and more.   The word that is spoken reveals the will that motivates this particular word."

October 2017  Newsletter PL 233

Study GuideThe Power of the Word

Explore: The Word as Energetic Expression of Consciousness; The Power of Unspoken Words;    Choosing Different Words; and Changing Your World One Word at a Time

YouTube Summary 7 mins

PL 236 The Superstition of Pessimism

                "When you reach a certain level of awareness, you will come across an attitude that says, 'If I believe in the positive, I will be disappointed, and by my very belief in it, I may chase it away.  So I may just as well not believe in it.  It may be smarter on my part to believe that nothing good can happen to me, that I cannot ever change, that I cannot ever grow out of my obstructions."'  This kind of thinking happens within you."    

February 2017 Newsletter PL236

Study Guide: The Superstition of Pessimism

Explore: Superstition: Trickery of the Mind; Connections between Wishful Thinking and Negativity; Developing the Courage to Believe in the Good; and  Overcoming Negativity

YouTube Summary 6 mins

PL 237 Leadership -- The Art of Transcending Frustration

Anyone developed enough to be capable of pursuing such a demanding path as this is also capable of immense fulfillment and joy ‑‑ and of leadership!  In this path we are creating new leaders in many fields, in many directions, in many ways.  The purification you undergo makes you truly capable of genuine leadership in the best sense.

December 2018 Newsletter

Study Guide: The Art of Transcending Frustration

Explore: Conflicting Attitudes about Leadership; Leadership As Giving; Abilities Needed for Inner Leadership; The Art of Transcending Frustration

YouTube Presentation   52 mins

PL 240 Some Aspects of Love

All religions, all philosophies, and all psychology agree that love is the key to everything, to fulfillment, to security, to creative growth.  And yet, love cannot be commanded, nor can it be a commandment.  It is a free, spontaneous soul movement.  The more it is tried, due to conscience and obedience, the less does it succeed. Where lack of fulfillment exists in a life, it is a sure sign that, somewhere, the soul has not yet learned to love. 

July 2015 Newsletter PRS18 / PL240

Study Guide  Some Aspects of Love 

Explore: The Essence of Love: Self Love;  Fear of Loving and The Valid Desire to be Loved; The Roles of Reason, Will, and Emotion in Loving; and Love in Relationship

PL 241 Dynamics of Resistance

1. The dynamics of movement (expansion, contraction, stasis)

2. The nature of movement (related to aliveness)

3. The nature of the resistance to movement. 

Explore: A Framework for Growth;  Positive and Negative Aspects of Expansion, Contraction, Stasis;  The Dynamics of Resistance;    More Aliveness = More Movement

PL 245 Cause and Effect on Various Levels of Consciousness

As consciousness raises itself, new connections appear in which effects are seen connected to causes that were previously apparently nonexistent (current human reality).  Your state of development creates a corresponding reality.  It also contains the particular. degree of cause and effect you can experience.

August 2019 Newsletter PL 245

Study Guide: Cause and Effect / Consciousness

Explore: Three Levels of Consciousness;   Cause & Effect Paradoxes;   Effects of TRUE Surrender to God; and  Effects of FALSE Surrender to God

YouTube Video Summary  58 mins

Download Video Summary 

PL 248: The Three Principles of Evil  

          Explore the qualities of Reason, Will and Emotion personality types in terms of how they may become attracted to the negative principles of Materialism, Separation and Half-Truths. The concept of materialism is sometimes easier to grasp in terms of needing to see truth in some form of manifested evidence - proof of some kind.

2009 Study Guide plus audio MP3 files:

Download Study Guide

Explore: Taking Self Responsibility; Defining Evil; The Personification of Evil as Separation, Materialism (proof), and Half Truths; and seeing these principles from the Unitive State. Also excepts from PLs 134, 184, and 197 on Evil.

Listen to audio online:



PL 249: The Pain of Injustice   

          This type of pain contains more than could be put in this word.  It is not just actual injustice happening to you here and now, a specific issue. It is a fear that the universe can allow destruction to exist without safety valves.  It is the fear that nothing has rhyme or reason, that good being done has no effect on the outcome of cosmic history and evolution.

2008 Study Guide plus audio mp3 files:

Or download Study Guide

Explore: Your sense of Injustice using Worksheets, and a summary of Spiritual Law ref PC10

and listen to audio online:   



2013: The Pain of Injustice with  Spiritual Law PL 171

Handouts: Injustice & Spiritual Law PL249&171 - 2013

Explore: Principle of Law of Self-Responsiblity; Law of Paying the Price and how that relates to 6 forms of pain and a sense of injustice; Law of Cause and Effect; and Law of Living in Truth (facing life).

Minutes from 4 meetings:  June 2013 Meetings PL249&171 

Audio file 249-TC-Injustice-2013.mp3

PL 254 Surrender

               In surrendering to God you are surrendering to the inherent spiritual power of truth, rather than to an authority figure.   

December 2015 Newsletter PL 254

Study Guide: Surrender

Explore: Surrendering to The Power of the Word;    Surrendering to the Spiritual Meaning of Crisis;    Surrendering to Reality; and Leadership as a form of Surrender

YouTube Summary 7 mins

Above: summary from Surrender PL 254

PL 257 Aspects of the Divine Influx; Communication, Group Consdiousness, Exposure, Law of Brotherhood

          Communication is a by‑product of a highly developed consciousness.  To the degree development of spirit exists, the ability to communicate, to listen and express adequately and appropriately also exists.  To the degree development is still impaired, the ability to communicate is limited.     

December 2016 Newsletter PL257

Study Guide: Aspects of the Divine Influx; Communication,

YouTube Video Summary 6 mins

Transcript of Video Summary

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