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Basic Topics 

Introduction to Pathwork Concepts

There is no requirement to study the lectures in chronological order. Many concepts that might have been seen as revelatory (or even revolutionary) in the '50s and '60s are more easily understood and accepted today. Allow the divine spark within you to lead you to the topic you are ready for! 

List of Pathwork Lectures (2 page format)

Download individual lectures from www.pathwork.org (1996 edited versions are free)

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January 2017 Suggestions for Self-Study Part 1: Getting Started

March 2017 Suggestions for Self Study Part 2: Reformatting

Study Guides available on this website that summarize basic concepts:

Resume of the Pathwork: Aim, Process, Basic Principles  PL 193

What is the Path? Pathwork Lecture 204

A basic tool for tracking your progress: 

Daily Review PL 28 Suggestions and Forms

Over 150 Study Guides are arranged by PL# under the 'More' tab above:

these often include audio / video materials and additional worksheets .

A list of lectures on key concepts

(and why Jan recommends them):

Introductory Lectures for Self-Study

Over 100 of the original lecture recordings (1956-1979) are available for purchase at

pathwork.org  --   store tab  along with books published by the Pathwork Press

Cover of The Pathwork of Self-Transformation published by BAntam in 1990
The Pathwork of Self-Transformation

Above: clip from Jan's presentation on "The Observer Self" Chapter 3 of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga. See Additional Concepts for more information

A widely-available book about Pathwork is The Pathwork of Self-Transformation, an overview of Pathwork concepts published by Bantam in 1990.  Available from the Pathwork store at www.pathwork.org. Additional books are available that focus on specific aspects of the lectures: Fear No Evil, Creating Union, Surrender to the God Within, and also Susan Thesenga's The Undefended Self, that describes what it is like to work with the lectures and concepts.

All of the self-study materials, audio files, and movie segments on this site are provided at no charge and may be copied or distributed freely.

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"Water Dreaming" Wayne Stewart Yjupurrula