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Pathwork Steps Online Meetings

The term 'Pathwork Steps' was chosen to acknowledge the spiritual truths of 12-Step programs, and the practical reality of spiritual growth as a step by step process that is neither linear nor fixed.

Pathwork tools, techniques, and concepts can help us uncover patterns of behavior that are based upon fears and images, and that prevent us from being fully present with what is true today.

Free Weekly Online Meetings

     The purpose of the meetings is to share our personal experiences working with Pathwork concepts, lectures, and study guides. 

4 Free Online Meetings Every Week -- Sign up on the Contact Us page

Summaries plus extended presentation on Jan's YouTube channel

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Explore your understanding of the concepts!

Wednesdays  7:00-8:30pm US Eastern

=  Thursday morning Australia & Far East

Fridays  2:00-3:30pm US Eastern

= evening UK & Europe

Saturdays 7:00-8:00pm US Eastern

features a brief presentation on the weekly sub-topic

= Sunday mornings in Oceania and the Far Pacific

Sundays   10-11:30am US Eastern

= afternoon UK & Europe, evening Middle East and India

Convert US Eastern meeting time to your local time zone at www.thetimenow.com.

Access codes are included in each Weekly Self-Study notice (a subscription option). Participating in the free weekly meetings is an opportunity to share your experiences working with Pathwork concepts or lectures.  

Questions are welcome!

Join via the Internet, using a computer or mobile phone. 

Or, dial in using  Zoom local and international access lines.

          Working with Others

Real-time interaction is helpful when exploring deeper levels of aversion or resistance to spiritual concepts. We speak truth more often than we may realize. 

In casual conversation, we can bury such revelations by changing topics or surrounding them with superficial, distracting details.  In written communication, we may immediately edit out or soften discrepancies, illogical rationalizations, and exaggeration.

When we speak in any group setting where there is a conscious, positive intention for self-development, we allow others to hear us on multiple levels: mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic (underlying currents that we may not be fully aware of). Words spoken within a safe, respectful container can echo back to us, so that we hear ourselves more clearly.

By listening to others -- in any situation -- we can practice hearing multiple layers, notice discrepancies or contradictions, and feel into the universal experience of being an imperfect human being. It's not easy to 'just listen'! It takes self-discipline and practice. It can be a form of active meditation.

Free resources for self development:

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Hiking in Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, NT Australia
HIking in Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, NT Australia